Arturia Origin Keyboard

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Arturia Origin Keyboard Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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Origin Keyboard is Arturia's version of Origin for the keyboard player. It keeps the outstanding modular system of Origin Desktop, putting it on a panel that closes on a high quality keyboard controller. The intuitive interface is kept in place, along with all of the modules from the most famous synthesizers (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Minimoog, Oberheim SEM, Prophet 5 and Prophet VS) and organs (Tonewheel, Rotary). The integration of the ribbon control is a blast, the keyboard aftertouch possibilities open a world of expressivity, while the playing modes are tuned to the expectations of any demanding performer.

Perform in style
Origin Keyboard is made for sound creators and players, musicians who are in the studio as much as they are on stage. It is a complete rock-solid mobile solution, offering everything you need to perform your sounds in a single, easily transportable cabinet.

The structure of Origin Keyboard is the same as Origin Desktop, so you keep everything astounding in this version: a modular multi-synth creation device for the widest variety of sounds possible, a set of pre-configured synthesizer templates, Arturia's TAE (True Analog Emulation) engine for that warm and authentic analog sound and onboard DSP processing for maximum power.

But now, play a premium quality lightweight keyboard with 61 keys, velocity response and aftertouch. Then use the joystick, the ribbon controller and the numerous controllers on the interface. Set the inclination of the front panel, whether you want to sit down or stand up when playing. Finally close this panel and you are good to go to the next stage or the next studio session. Origin Keyboard is an invitation to a unique playing experience. As a matter of fact, it is the first laptop synthesizer ever.

Sounds with an attitude
Origin sounds like nothing else on the planet. It not only implements True Analog Emulation, a technology which accurately models analog synthesizers (letting you layer up to four of these monster synths without using any of your computer’s CPU), it goes a step further. Origin takes the concept of the analog modular systems of the past to a new level using cutting edge digital technology. You can combine different models from different systems together, designing new synthesizers that have never existed. Take the oscillators from the Minimoog, the filters from the CS-80 and the Bode shifter from the Moog Modular V to create your own synth. How can Arturia manage to do this in a standalone hardware synth? Origin uses two Analog Devices TigerSHARC DSP processors that actually have more audio power than even the newest multi-core PC processors.

Preset browser
Origin offers a unique preset browser. Select your preset by type (bass, lead, FX, etc.) or by instrument (Minimoog, Prophet VS, Origin modular, etc.), by sound designer or by project. And the beauty of this is that you can combine multiple criteria, searching for example for a lead sound from one specific instrument.

Step sequencer
Origin comes with an analog-style 32-step sequencer. Allowing you to build complex sequence patterns (made of 3 sub-sequences) and to change the patterns on the fly, it is an intuitive and live performance-oriented tool.

Manufacturer Arturia
Condition New
Product Type Virtual Analog Synthesizer
Number of Keys 61
Weighted Keys No
Key Action Synth Velocity with Aftertouch
Voices/Programs 1000
Voices of Polyphony 32
Effects 3 effect slots per Program
Sequencer Stepseqeuncer with One shot, loop (forward, backward; forward and backward)
Audio File Playback No
Arpeggiator Yes
MIDI In, Out, Thru
USB to Host Yes
USB to Device Yes
Outputs 2 main audio outputs: 6.35 balanced jacks
8 individual auxiliary outputs: 6.35 balanced jacks
1 headphone output: 6.35 stereo jack
Control Inputs 21 potentiometers, 33 encoders, 1 joystick
Controllers Control inputs for 1 foot controller and 1 footswitch controller (6.35 balanced jacks)
Width 102cm
Depth 33cm
Height 16cm
Product Weight 23 kg
Unique Features


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