A BUNDLE is Kraft Music's way of giving you everything you need at one low price! Whether it’s a set of headphones for your digital piano or extra strings for your guitar... our exclusive BUNDLES have you covered. We offer different BUNDLE configurations for stage, studio and home use. Need a custom BUNDLE? Our product specialists are happy to help personalize a BUNDLE for the instrument of your choice.

Kraft Music's entry-level KEY BUNDLES and PAKS will provide the basic accessories you'll need to enjoy your new instrument. For example, you may find a set of headphones, stand, and power supply included for keyboards. Guitar PEDAL PAKS may include instrument cables and a power supply. Drum PAKS may include sticks and a basic stand. These basic PAKS and BUNDLES represent our most affordable options.

Our ESSENTIALS BUNDLES are a step up from our PAKS, and are a bit more inclusive. For example, a HOME ESSENTIALS BUNDLE will typically include a matching keyboard stand, bench, and headphones along with your new digital piano. DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLES will give you all the necessary hardware for your kit. Whereas our GUITAR ESSENTIALS BUNDLES will get you set up with strings, carrying bag, instrument stand, picks, and more!

When you want it all, the COMPLETE BUNDLES represent our most inclusive BUNDLES, as well as the best value on accessories! A COMPLETE STAGE BUNDLE may include a hardshell carrying case for your stage piano, as well as stand, bench, and even an amplification system. A COMPLETE GUITAR BUNDLE includes a hardshell guitar case, extra strings, polish, tuner, and more! COMPLETE AUDIO BUNDLES will provide an all-in-one solution for live sound including speakers, mixer, stands, microphones, and all the necessary cables.