Radikal Technologies RT-1701 EFFEXX Multi-FX Processor

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Radikal Technologies RT-1701 EFFEXX Multi-FX Processor

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  • RT-1701 EFFEXX

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Radikal Technologies RT-1701 EFFEXX offers two main effects processors with eight selectable effect algorithms each and three additional pre and post effects that are all simultaneously available. The eight selectable effects algorithms are delay, vintage delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, rotor cabinet emulation, pitch shifter and string filter.

The additional effects are a gain stage with overdrive, a flexible EQ / multimode filter section and a fully editable reverb effect. The delay times and modulation rates can be controlled with a tap-tempo function: just hit the tap button four times with quarter notes of the current beat and RT-1701 EFFEXX will adapt the correct tempo automatically.

For each effects program, RT-1701 EFFEXX stores up to eight effects setting snapshots. Snapshots can be used to recall a desired effects parameter set quickly and easily. A built in LFO allows you to create smooth transitions between snapshots. Furthermore, you can synchronize this LFO to an external clock signal or control the snapshot selection with a control voltage. Snapshots not only store the settings of effects parameters, they also hold a value for an external/auxiliary control voltage output. With this control voltage you can control a parameter of any other module.

There is another control voltage input for the post filter frequency control. Beside EQ functions, the post filter can be used as a multimode filter with low pass, band pass and high pass settings. Control the post filter with a an external envelope and change the color of the RT-1701 EFFEXX input signal with the different effects it offers. A wealth of new synthesizer sounds can be created with this setup!

The string filter creates astonishing Karplus-Strong sounds. The control voltage input can be used to control the frequency of this algorithm, turning RT-1701 EFFEXX into a Karplus-Strong oscillator.

Share your best effects programs with other RT-1701 EFFEXX users by sharing program archives as exported audio data files. Archive all your programs in a DAW, an iPad or even your mobile phone!

  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 32hp
    • Module depth: 30mm
    • Power usage: 250mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
Manufacturer Radikal Technologies
Condition New
Module Type Effect
Width 32hp
Depth 40mm
Power 250mA @ +12V
40mA @ -12V
Unique Features Store up to eight effects setting 'snapshots'
Archive programs and share with other users by exporting audio data files


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