The Yamaha MODUS F02 digital piano combines true piano sound in a modern, attractive cabinet that evokes the beauty of a real acoustic grand piano, adding sophistication and musical expressiveness to your living space. The Real Grand Expression (RGE) sound engine gives you the full playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano. In addition to providing smooth tonal changes that respond to your playing touch, it also features a Smooth Release function which clearly articulates staccato notes and produces the sound of lingering resonance when gently lifting your fingers from the keys - just like the soft damping action of real dampers. These effects capture the true essence of an acoustic grand piano to help you create and perform with authentic piano-like expression. The keyboard has the luxurious feel of real ivory. The Acoustic Optimizer is a new, unique Yamaha technology that physically adjusts the acoustical flow, which controls resonances and enriches the overall sound. The combination of Acoustic Optimizer and digital technologies provides an incredibly expressive capability. The MODUS F02 is available in four elegant finishes: Polished Red (F02PR), Polished Orange (F02PO), Polished Ebony (F02PE), and Polished Blue (F02PB).

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