Have fun with oriental music... The AT-3 Oriental Keyboard offers keyboard users a whole host of options for generating authentic sounds using samples of key oriental instruments. 54 built-in Oriental tones include the "oud", "qanun", "nay" and more. A total of 83 built-in Oriental accompaniment rhythms covers everything from traditional to modern music. High-quality sound supports both Oriental music performance and composing. The Song Sequencer provides 16 tracks, plus one system track that supports recording of up to five songs and a total of approximately 30,000 notes. Each individual musical instrument part can be recorded to a different track for real multi-track recording capabilities. Up to eight tracks (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 through chord 5) can be edited to create original accompaniment patterns. The volume, pan, reverb send and other settings can be adjusted to exactly the levels you want for each individual part.

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