It's BACK!!!

Appearing in 1984, the Korg Keytar remote keyboard broke the chains of keyboardists, allowing the player to challenge the vocalist or guitarist for the main role on stage. Now, thirty years later, the Keytar has been resurrected. The Korg RK-100S Keytar reflects the design of a guitar, projecting a timeless coolness that creates varying impressions depending on your angle of view. The RK-100S provides a built-in sound engine that was not found on the original RK, meaning that you can perform simply by connecting an audio cable. The RK-100S will operate on AA batteries, you can enjoy performing anywhere simply by plugging in a set of headphones or by connecting it to your amplifier. The RK-100S also is equipped with a MIDI output jack for controlling an external sound module, and a USB port for connecting to your computer.

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