Featuring a Fatar 49-key keybed or a rack mountable tabletop chassis, the Nord Lead A1 is designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding performers in any musical genre. One look at the control panel, and you will find the answer to the requests of countless professional players and experienced programmers, who need to create the perfect sound as quickly as possible for today's live or studio time demands. The Lead A1 allows easy patch creation and experimentation thanks to a well formatted and impressively intuitive interface, combining powerful control with ease of use.

The Lead A1's Oscillator design is an innovative concept, with their Wave Engine with unique Oscillator Configuration Shortcuts utilizing two oscillators. Wave Engine gives the player the ability to easily apply multiple analog and digital waveforms through the use of Oscillator Configuration Shortcuts, and adjust them with a single control knob. The end result is high speed programming without the need for the usual complexity of routing and patching, and with the opportunity for ready experimentation.

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