The best selling drumset of all time paired with one of the most innovative concepts to come to the drum industry... meet Pearl's ePro Powered by Export drum sets. Export series drums have been a launch pad for many successful drummers due to their high value and build quality, a reputation that has been proven over time. Pearl has stepped up their game with their latest Export kits, offering Reference-level inspired shell composition, lugs designed to minimize their interaction with the shells, and Opti-Loc mounting system for maximum sustain, resonance, and wobble-free performance.

Now paired with an ePro Tru Trac Pack, turning your acoustic Export kit into a full electronic drum set is as easy as changing the heads. Tru Trac heads are the same size as your shells and mimic the response of your real heads, ensuring your electric kit not only looks like an acoustic set - it feels like an acoustic set. With 100 predesigned high-definition kits and space for 1000 high-definition sounds, the included module gives you a virtual showroom of countless combinations of drum sets in one package, something drummers of the past could only dream of.

Kraft Music offers these electronic-acoustic drum sets in different money-saving BUNDLES. Our HYBRID BUNDLE ships with a Sabian cymbal pack and everything you need to complete your acoustic setup. Our COMPLETE DRUM BUNDLE includes a powered speaker (if you're going electric, you'll want to be heard!). If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist in choosing the right BUNDLE for you!

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