The DTX450K features 10 custom drum kits and training functions with a newly developed 3-zone snare pad and real bass drum pedal action. This deluxe model includes the new TP70S snare pad that allows playing snare head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for more musical expression. Your feet will appreciate the genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal that provides authentic feel for the kick drum, and the HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller pedal. Three 10” cymbals are mounted to chrome cymbal stands on a steel rack system to provide a solid foundation for your rhythm sessions. The high-quality drum voices are taken from Yamaha’s DTX900/700/500 series and DTX-MULTI 12, and you can customize the entire kit anytime you want to try a different set of sounds.

All our DTX450 Bundles come with headphones so that you'll be able to hear what you're playing. This kit does not come with anything to sit on, so you'll want to check out our exclusive DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLE. If you want to free yourself from headphones and need drum monitor system, check out our COMPLETE DRUM BUNDLE.

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