Introduced in 2013, the Yamaha DTX502 electronic drum trigger module has almost twice the wave ROM and over 250 more sounds than its predecessor. This drum trigger unit features new drum and cymbal samples from top VST (Virtual Studio Technology) developers that have been optimized for Yamaha DTX. Voices inherited from Yamaha's other DTX modules have also been updated for improved playability and sound. Using proprietary laser technology to analyze drum strokes, Yamaha precisely tuned the trigger settings on the DTX502, resulting in a more natural feeling with laser accuracy. You also get advanced features from Yamaha's higher end models like cymbal muting, natural cymbal swells, and smoother snare drumrolls so the kits respond to every nuance of your playing, and 3-Zone hi-hat technology when using the PCY100 as a hi-hat pad.

The DTX502 module is perfect for use in a 'hybrid' kit with your acoustic drum hardware, and can be connected to a total of 13 pads or triggers when you include split tom/kick inputs. Pad upgrades let you build your dream kit as your skills improve. Check out Kraft Music's exclusive electronic drum BUNDLES that include a variety of great options for building your own custom/hybrid electronic percussion setup with the DTX502. Whether all you need is mounting hardware to add the trigger module to an acoustic kit, or want a complete package that includes additional pads and triggers, we have a DTX502 trigger bundle for you! If you have any questions or would like more options for your hybrid setup, please give us a call. Our expert sales staff will be happy to assist in creating a custom electronic drum bundle for you!

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