Pearl offers a different take on electronic drum set playing with their E-Pro Live electronic drum kits. If you have an acoustic drum kit and want to dive into electronics without sacrificing the configuration of your setup and, more importantly, how the drums feel, the Pearl Tru-Trac Electronic Drumheads are your answer. Tru-Trac heads are Pearl's Tru-Trac heads are available in pre-packs and individual components so you can convert your own acoustic kit into an electronic kit. Tru-Trac 5-piece conversion kits include two rack toms, a floor tom, snare, and kick. Pearl EPAD-25 configuration includes 12" 13" 16" and 14" plus Bass Drum; EPAD-25 includes 10" 12" 16" and 14" and Kick.

Kraft Music offers a variety of money-saving Pearl Tru Trac Electronic Drumhead BUNDLES to suit your needs. Whether you're building a kit that includes a set of electronic trigger heads and sound module, want to complete the electronic kit with a set of Pearl's electronic cymbals (available in plastic or metal), or simply need a replacement head to install on your drums for electronic triggering, Kraft Music has a Pearl electronic drum package for you!

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