Buskers, this one is for you! The Roland MOBILE AC guitar amplifier gives the acoustic guitarist on the move an extra dimension in sound, creativity, and convenience. This guitar amp is designed to travel, delivering big sound in a package that can easily fit into a backpack. The MOBILE AC can be used for up to 15 hours at a time via battery power, so you can take it anywhere. Simply plug in your acoustic guitar, turn up the volume, and enjoy clean, clear, and surprisingly powerful, spacious stereo sound from a compact amp. You can also add deep stereo chorus or lush reverb effects, and you can incorporate a portable media player and microphone for sing-along fun. Strum your guitar and sing, play along with backing tracks, and enjoy the Roland MOBILE AC at home or outdoors. This unit is also a handy personal monitor for use on stage, with a big sound that defies its small size. Be sure to check out Kraft Music's exclusive AMP PAKS that include everything the singer or guitarist needs for playing live, all for one low price!

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