If you're in need of an all-purpose guitar amp that provides amplification for a variety of instrument types, look no further than the VYPYR® V.I.P. series. These Peavey amps are the first of their kind… "Variable Instrument Performance" (V.I.P.) amplifiers contain Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar and Electric guitar amplifier models. Not only does the amplifier morph from a bass amp to an acoustic amp, to an electric amp, it also allows the electric guitar player access to instrument models as well. The Peavey Vypyr VIP 3 features 100 watts, PowerSponge 100 Watt to 1 Watt variable power, a 12" Custom voiced modeling speaker, over 400 amp accessible presets, LCD display for quick preset, model and effect selection, and much more. The 40 watt Vypyr VIP 2 has a single 12" custom voiced modeling speaker with 10 instrument models. The ultra-portable Vypyr VIP 1 has 20 watts with an 8" speaker.

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