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Korg Beat Boy Drum Machine / Recorder / Tuner COMPLETE AUDIO BUNDLE


What's In the Box?

From Manufacturer

  • Beat Boy
  • (2) AAA Batteries
  • Rubber Feet

Kraft Music Adds

  • AAA Batteries
  • Instrument Cable
  • Earbuds

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List Price: $141.32

Our Price: $115.99

You Save $25.33 (17%)

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"We are always very happy with the service we receive from Kraft Music. We live nearby and purchased a digital piano at the old location. The new location is much more welcoming for people to walk in and browse the pianos and now the guitars. The people working always make us feel welcome." - Craig, WI

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Exclusively at Kraft Music... Our Korg Beat Boy COMPLETE AUDIO BUNDLE gives you an amazing deal on all of the high quality accessories you need to go with your new drum machine / recorder / tuner. This BUNDLE includes all of the following:

  • Korg Beat Boy Drum Machine / Recorder / Tuner

    Korg Beat Boy Drum Machine / Recorder / Tuner

    Korg Compact Rhythm Pattern Machine, Recorder, and Tuner with Guitar Overdrive/Distortion Effects

    Our Price: $89.99

    Beat Boy is packed with features that allow guitarists or bassists to improve their abilities easily and reliably while having fun playing their instrument. The functionality of four products is packed into this single unit; in addition to a tuner, there's a rhythm machine covering 100 diverse styles, an effect section for adding sonic variation to your guitar tone, and a recorder that allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz recording of your performances. So compact, it fits easily into the pocket of your gig bag, it's the ideal partner for any guitarist or bassist. (sells separately for $89.99)
  • Kinyo BP-57 Stereo Earbuds

    Kinyo BP-57 Stereo Earbuds

    Kinyo Headphones with 1/4" Adapter
    List Price: $24.99

    Our Price: $14.99

    You Save $10.00 (41%)

    Play all night with these great earbuds included in this Kraft exclusive BUNDLE! The BP-57 Earbuds feature great low end that's perfect for all instruments. A 1/4" adapter is included to match any headphone jack. (sell separately for $14.99)
  • Hosa GTR-210 10' Instrument Cable

    Hosa GTR-210 10' Instrument Cable

    Hosa Tech 1/4" Instrument Cable - 10' Length
    List Price: $13.35

    Our Price: $9.99

    You Save $3.36 (26%)

    Hosa Guitar Cables are designed to provide years of dependable service. High-quality components and world-class manufacturing combine to deliver products of exceptional value. (sells separately for $9.99)
  • Rayovac Industrial Plus AAA Alkaline Batteries (8 Pack)

    Rayovac Industrial Plus AAA Alkaline Batteries (8 Pack)

    Rayovac Size AAA 8-Pack Batteries
    List Price: $12.99

    Our Price: $9.99

    You Save $3.00 (24%)

    Once you get started with your Beat Boy, you aren't going to want to put it down, so Kraft keeps you powered up with this top quality battery package from Rayovac, the #1 selling industrial battery maker. (sells separately for $9.99)

This exclusive Kraft Music BUNDLE offers amazing savings on the Korg Beat Boy and high quality accessories to go with it. Your new Beat Boy, earbuds, cable, and batteries will be delivered to your door, and you'll be ready to take your playing to the next level!

Place your order for the Korg Beat Boy COMPLETE AUDIO BUNDLE today!

Manufacturer Korg
Condition New
Product Type Drum Machine / Recorder / Tuner
Effects 2 (Overdrive, Distortion)
Patches / Programs 100 Rhythm Patterns (8Beat: 12, 16Beat: 13, POP/ROCK: 13, JAZZ/FUNK: 9, WORLD: 11, DANCE: 8, FILL: 11, ODD METER: 9, METRONOME: 12, SONG: 2)
Inputs (1) 1/4" Input
Outputs (1) 1/8" Headphones
Pedal Switches
On-Board Expression Pedal No
Control Inputs
USB Save Recorder files to computer
Load WAV files for playback
Power Adaptor Optional
Width 4.37"
Depth 3.23"
Height 0.71"
Product Weight 4.30 oz
Unique Features Recorder allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz PCM recording and playback
Approximately 20 minutes of recording, with a maximum of 100 tracks
Built-in tuner
Built-in speaker


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  • Misuse, including damage occurring during shipment, damage caused by battery leakage, accident, fire, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse
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