Shure PG-series drum and percussion microphones deliver dynamic, true-to-life sound for any drumming style. The PGDMK4 is a professional quality microphone package that includes one PG52 microphone for kick drum and three PG56 microphones with AD50D drum mounts for snare and toms. The PGDMK6 is a six-piece drum microphone kit for full drum set applications that adds two PG81 Instrument Microphones for overhead and cymbal miking.

Both mic kits include XLR cables for each microphone and are packaged in a durable carrying case. However, they do not include anything for you to mount your bass drum microphone, so Kraft Music has you covered with our exclusive drum microphone PERFORMER PAKS that include a low-profile microphone stand that perfect for holding the PG52 in front or inside of the kick drum!

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