Nord Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer

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Nord Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer


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  • Nord Drum 2
  • Power Supply
  • Universal Module Mount

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Nord Drum 2 combines the playability of real percussion with unique and powerful sound creation possibilities! Create and play anything from classic analog drum machine sounds and 80’s disco toms to mindblowingly realistic percussion sounds you’ve never heard before.


  • 6-channel drum synthesizer
  • Resonance modeling, Subtractive- and FM-synthesis
  • 6 generic trigger inputs
  • Dedicated Nord Pad input
  • MIDI in/out with CC control
  • Stereo output, with pan control
  • Headphones output

The Nord Drum 2 is a unique instrument designed with the performing musician in mind. Its extreme dynamic range and super-fast triggering add to the feeling of playing a real percussive instrument.

The sounds of the Nord Drum 2 are generated in real time by three sound generating sections – Tone, Noise and Click. A simple analogy is to compare these to the components of an acoustic snare drum sound:

The Tone can be compared to the drum heads.

The Noise can be compared to the snares that create the “rattle” in a snare drum.

The Click is the very first part of the sound (attack) – determined by what material you hit the drum head with, like a drum stick, mallet or similar.


The Nord Drum 2 tone section offers 3 different synthesis modes, each with their own special tricks.

The Resonance Modeling mode simulates the resonances characteristic for drum heads, bars, tines and cymbals. It can deliver very realistic acoustic-sounding results.

The Subtractive Synthesis mode is excellent for creating classic drum machine sounds using Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square and Pulse waveforms and a dynamic Low-Pass filter.

The Frequency Modulation mode is brilliant for creating synthetic fantasy percussion.


The Noise-section lets you add texture to your sound. It features 3 filter types, Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass with adjustable resonance, cut-off and powerful Dynamic Filter control. The Noise Decay can be Gated, faded and be controlled dynamically.


The Click section offers a varied selection of dynamically responsive click types, including Noise-based clicks, Pulseclicks, chirps and a Hand Clap for that classic drum machine sound.


Nord Drum 2 offers extensive control of the dynamic response. The Bend parameter can make the pitch travel up (or down) depending on how hard you play. The Decay of both the Noise and Tone section can be controlled dynamically, including the option to shorten the decay the harder you play for a dampening-like effect.


Balancing the amount of Tone, Noise and Click for each sound is handled in the mixer section, as well as panning and setting the desired output level.

The Distort parameter lets you roughen up your sounds with a sample rate reducing Crush effect or a non-linear distortion modeled after the amplifier circuits of a vintage synth drum synthesizer module.


The flexibility of having both Trigger and MIDI-inputs lets you use the Nord Drum in numerous ways. The Nord Pad, drum pads, triggers and MIDI can be combined! Put an acoustic drum trigger on your acoustic bass drum, add some electronic drum pads as extra toms and let a MIDI sequencer trigger a hi-hat sound. The Nord Drum 2 can also be used as a 6-channel Trigger-to-MIDI interface.

The adjustable input sensitivity and Trig Types lets you tailor the Nord Drum 2's response to the equipment of your choice.

Manufacturer Nord
Condition New
Number of Pads N/A
Snare Pad Zones/Surface
Tom Pad Zones/Surface
Cymbal Zones
Kick Pad Surface
Hi Hat Stand Included N/A
Kick Pedal Included N/A
Snare Stand Included N/A
Throne Included N/A
Instrument Sounds 6 Channels with Resonance Modeling, Subtractive Synthesis, and Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis
Drum Kits
Trigger Inputs (6) Trigger Inputs
(1) Nord Pad Input
Metronome Yes
Sequencer/Recording No
Outputs (2) 1/4" Line - L, R
(1) Headphone
Connectivity MIDI
Storage Type N/A
Unique Features 6 generic trigger inputs can be used with both electronic drum pads and acoustic trigger
Resonance modeling, Subtractive and FM-synthesis
MIDI in/out with CC control


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