The Yamaha AUDIOGRAM series has been carefully designed to make setting up your computer-based recording environment an absolute breeze. Coming as a complete kit, the AUDIOGRAM6 and AUDIOGRAM3 each bundle together a hardware interface that adds audio inputs and outputs to your computer, software for recording and producing music, and a USB cable for connecting the audio interface. As such, either package will instantly turn your computer into a powerful yet intuitive tool for recording and editing audio from virtually any microphone or audio input device. What's more, setup is as easy as installing the bundled music-production application, CUBASE AI, on your computer and connecting the audio interface using the USB cable provided! You're then ready to connect instruments, microphones, CD players, MP3 players, and even old record or tape players for recording straight into CUBASE AI. Get more for your money when you purchase a Yamaha AUDIOGRAM BUNDLE exclusively from Kraft Music that include all the accessories you need for computer recording, including a microphone, stand, cables, headphones and more, all for one low price!

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  1. Yamaha i-MX1 MIDI Interface for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone
    List Price: $110.00

    Our Price: $69.99

    You Save $40.01 (37%)

  2. yamaha ux16 usb midi interface

    Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface

    Yamaha Connect your digital piano or keyboard to your PC or Mac with this USB MIDI Interface Learn More
    List Price: $80.00

    Our Price: $59.99

    You Save $20.01 (26%)

  3. yamaha audiogram3 usb recording interface
    List Price: $149.00

    Our Price: $99.99

    You Save $49.01 (33%)

  4. yamaha audiogram6 usb recording interface with mixer functionality
    List Price: $200.00

    Our Price: $129.99

    You Save $70.01 (36%)

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