Reloop TAPE is an easy and secure digital recording device with the retro design of the beloved mixtape. With TAPE, there are only 3 basic steps: Step 1. Connect your USB drive. Step 2. Connect your mixer and input cable. Step 3. Press the Record button. And that's it. The beauty of TAPE is that your mixes are recorded in digital MP3 format straight onto a USB drive -- there's no need to burn the recording! Reloop TAPE includes various design sticker sets (green, blue, gold/orange) so that you can choose  which retro cassette tape styling that you want to rock.

For a great deal on the Reloop TAPE, get it in Kraft Music's exclusive BONUS PAK that includes a flash drive (so that you can immediately pass your recorded music on to friends or feed it directly to your media player) -- all for one low price!

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