roland rt-10k with rt-10s/rt-10t acoustic drum trigger 6-piece pak

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Roland RT-10K with RT-10S/RT-10T Acoustic Drum Trigger 6-PIECE PAK


What's In the Box?

From Manufacturer

  • Roland RT-10K Kick Drum Trigger
  • Connection Cable
  • Owner's Manual

Kraft Music Adds

  • Roland RT-10S Snare Drum Trigger
  • (4) Roland RT-10T Tom Triggers

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Our Price: $507.99

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Exclusively at Kraft Music... Our Roland RT-10K with RT-10S/RT-10T Acoustic Drum Trigger 6-PIECE PAK is a great way to add electronic triggering capability to your drum set. This combo will outfit an entire 6-piece kit: kick, snare, and 4 toms. All you need to add is the electronic drum module of your choice. You'll receive all of the following in this exclusive Kraft Music PAK:
  • Roland RT-10K Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger

    Roland RT-10K Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger

    Acoustic Kick Drum Trigger
    List Price: $114.00

    Our Price: $99.00

    You Save $15.00 (14%)

    With acoustic-drum triggering more popular now than ever, Roland has responded to requests from the market and created a new generation of triggers. Physically smaller than their predecessors, the new 10-series triggers are easier to position. Best of all, they feature new trigger-sensing technology for improved response. The new sensor system is designed to eliminate false retriggering by offering an adjustable sensor structure. The reduced size and lighter weight of the triggers are helpful in improving sensitivity. (sells separately for $99.00)
  • Roland RT-10S Acoustic Snare Drum Trigger

    Roland RT-10S Acoustic Snare Drum Trigger

    Dual Zone Acoustic Snare Drum Trigger
    List Price: $114.00

    Our Price: $99.00

    You Save $15.00 (14%)

    The RT-10S is designed specifically for snare drum and shares the same features as the rest of the 10-series triggers. It also supports separate head/rim dual triggering for additional versatility. (sells separately for $99.00)
  • Roland RT-10T Acoustic Tom Trigger

    Roland RT-10T Acoustic Tom Trigger

    Acoustic Drum Trigger for Toms
    List Price: $102.00

    Our Price: $89.00

    You Save $13.00 (13%)

    (includes 4)
    The RT-10T is the tom trigger in the 10-series. Like the other 10-series triggers, the RT-10T is approximately 10% smaller than previous models, allowing for easier positioning on even the most crowded drum set. (sell separately for $89.00 each)

The Kraft Music exclusive Roland RT-10K with RT-10S/RT-10T Acoustic Drum Trigger 6-PIECE PAK offers great savings and an easy way to get started with electronic triggers for your drum set. This PAK will be delivered to your door, and you'll be ready to plug in to your favorite drum module and play.

Place your order for the Roland RT-10K with RT-10S/RT-10T Acoustic Drum Trigger 6-PIECE PAK today!

Manufacturer Roland
Condition New


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