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Steinberg The Grand 3

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The Ultimate Virtual Piano Suite
If you make computer-assisted music and want the lush tone of a genuine concert grand, look no further — The Grand 3 is your primary piano program. It comes with an array of sounds exacting the tonal quality of world-class, handmade, perfectly intonated grand pianos, which are arguably the finest instruments money can buy. The Grand 3 also focuses on the intricacies: flexibility through different microphone positions, compatibility through multiple format support, and usability due to the range of included tools.

More Piano Models than any other Suite!

          Yamaha C7 Grand - The unparalleled tone of a Yamaha C7 Grand was recorded in its whole beauty and musical range. Its incredible sound, resulting from the tonal projection and long sustain, and response with super realistic playing behavior delivers the musical equivalent of perfection. This virtual piano is truly in a class of its own and conveys the expressiveness of the player.

Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand - The wider register of the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand adds to the piano’s timbre which has intricately been sampled to give you the required control when playing the softest pianissimo through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo. This virtual piano model shines in every musical aspect, providing the exuberant sound quality and assertiveness of its corresponding real piano pendant.


          Steinway D - The enchanting depth of tone and ultra-responsive touch of the Steinway D grand piano is reflected in the Model D found in The Grand 3. Its warm and vibrantly rich sound and its overall performance simply make playing this virtual piano as enjoyable as possible.

Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand - The Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand is one of the most favorable classic electric grand pianos around and comes with built-in effects, such as tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus and many others. Here Steinberg has acquired the samples directly from the source: the content experts at Yamaha.


          Nordiska Pianofabriken - The upright by Nordiska Pianofabriken definitely has personality of the right sort! And its characteristic tone has been captured in the virtual upright piano model, designed to get the job done when looking for that little extra edge to your song. It might be rock, blues, jazz, gospel or any other style that simply needs some attitude — when your track requires a less “grand” sound this model is definitely your first choice.

Amazing samples using the latest recording technology

The acoustic pianos were sampled using latest recording technology, including high-grade Neumann microphones, customized high-end preamps and converters specially tuned for pianos in a large acoustic space specifically designed and built for this particular use, engineers generated the source material to highest standards. No additional electronic equipment was used during the recordings to capture the natural sound of the acoustic pianos. Plus, two different microphone positions (close and player) available in The Grand 3 result from a 12-microphone setup used for the recordings, giving you the ultimate freedom to dictate the piano’s immanent sound.


Excemplary features prove The Grand 3 to be truly worthy of it's name:

  • Authentic Sound Quality - The Grand 3 delivers ultra dynamic response and hammer action with up to 20 different velocity samples for each key, faithfully capturing the full extent of every note’s envelope. Sustain and sostenuto pedal support, subtle mechanical noises and true resonance make The Grand 3 the most ambitious and innovative piece of software engineering in our day, resulting in the grandest collection of virtual pianos.
  • Superb reverberation - The Grand 3 comes with a convolution reverb based on the same technology used by REVerence, the world’s first VST3- based convolution reverb processor already featured in Cubase 5 which benefits from every single aspect the VST3 standard has to offer. It boasts sumptuously realistic natural space simulation, emulating any acoustic environment — from the smallest live music venue to the most impressive cathedrals, in stereo and surround.
  • Flexible equalization - The Grand 3's powerful and versatile equalizer offers full four-band parametric control that works as a sum over all output channels with variable response curves and shelving modes, as well as analog-style peak filters.
  • The Grand 3 standalone - The standalone version allows The Grand 3 to be used without a host application — a great choice for performing live and presenting you with the best sounding, most playable virtual piano software you'll ever experience!
  • Eco-efficiency - The ECO Mode already featured in The Grand 2 is now also available for all pianos in The Grand 3. Using ECO Mode, The Grand 3 reduces RAM consumption and enhances CPU performance by freeing up power for other processing tasks, such as disk streaming.
  • RAMSave support - Already wowed in The Grand 2, the RAMSave technology makes highly efficient use of the host computer’s memory. When active, RAMSave discards superfluous samples from the main memory in order to provide space for other tasks, automatically scanning the MIDI notes allocated to The Grand and dumping all unassigned samples from the RAM.
  • Support of all major formats - The Grand 3 supports all major formats, such as VST and AU. And by supporting ReWire, The Grand 3 runs in any audio workstation, while the standalone version can even be used without a host application at all.

With The Grand 3 Steinberg is presenting a premium collection of various piano models. Including recordings of three concert grand pianos, one electric grand and one upright piano plus a wealth of enhanced details, The Grand 3 is truly the deserved complement to your virtuosity.

Please note, this software instrument requires a Steinberg USB eLiscenser to activate. This item is sold separately.
Manufacturer Steinberg
Condition New


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