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Steinberg WaveLab Elements 8

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  • WAVELAB Elements 8

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Whether you’re into audio editing, mastering, restoration or podcast creation, WaveLab Elements provides quality tools that let you bring your audio recordings to perfection. Based on the approved WaveLab mastering solution, the Elements version highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.


  • Complete audio editing and mastering software, tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners
  • Studio-grade Brickwall Limiter and Tube Compressor to improve the quality of your recordings
  • Enhanced editing workflow with volume clip handles and auto-replay option
  • Transport panel for fast and easy navigation through the project
  • Plug-in management and organization for simplified overview on all plug-ins used within the project
  • High-resolution 16-bit float waveform zooming for ultra-fast and precise editing operations
  • Audio Montage improvements, featuring the new master plug-in section and drag-and-drop support for files of any sample rate
  • Metadata support for multiple formats
  • Extended in-application help system to get started right away
  • 50+ improvements to user interface, CD burning, editing, recording and many others


WaveLab Elements 8 highlights two premium plug-ins to push your audio projects to perfection. First, Tube Compressor, known from the Cubase music production system, not only shapes the dynamics of your signals very precisely but also colors them with a beautifully warm and rich compression. Second, the Brickwall Limiter prevents your recordings from unwanted peaks and keeps the audio signal from passing the threshold — perfect for achieving the hottest signal without clipping the recording’s maximum level.


For WaveLab Elements 8 we focused on improving the overall user experience in order to make things faster and easier. Among the list of new features is the new auto-replay function, which automatically re-triggers the playback right after an edit has been made. And of course there are many other improvements such as a simplified envelope selection to speed up the editing process.

  • Various improvements in the area of editing
  • Several trim and split options added
  • Improved processing via key command
  • New AutoReplay functions for faster playback of performed changes
  • Track lock prevents from unwanted changes
  • 25+ further editing enhancements


All your plug-ins in one central spot — WaveLab Elements 8 introduces a plug-in chain window that hosts all inserted track or master plug-ins in one easy-to-access area. Now you can switch between different plug-ins in next to no time. Also new in version 8 is the completely redesigned plug-in organization. The newly introduced plug-in settings dialog allows you to group and sort plug-ins by vendor, category and favorites, making it easy to keep track on the ever growing number of plug-ins.


Take control — we've consolidated functions such as record, play, stop, loop, jog, shuttle, selections, markers or play-to and play-from in the new Transport Panel. This makes moving within your WaveLab Elements project a whole lot faster. In addition, the Transport Panel features a status window that shows the time position, timecode, samples, bars and beats.


WaveLab Elements 8 is a big step forward when it comes to ultra-precise editing operations. The new version contains waveform zooming in 16-bit float quality, making it possible to cut and trim clips or insert fades with highest accuracy.

  • Clearly better resolution down to the detail level
  • Perfect for better cuts, trimming operations or fades
  • Better removal of errors


Making its debut in WaveLab Elements 8, the Master Plug-In Section enables you to save plug-in chains with each single Audio Montage for total recall of your project. To further enhance the quality of the working process, WaveLab Elements now enables you to import audio files at highest sample rate and choose the target format (e.g. CD burning) at the end of the mastering process. This way you are able to work in best resolution throughout the editing and mastering process, giving you great sounding results at the end.

  • Master plug-in section for saving plug-in chains locally
  • Support for working at highest Sample Rate and deciding for the target format only at the end of the mastering process


WaveLab Elements 8 contains metadata support for file formats such as ID3 v2 and CART. Add information about the artist, pictures, copyright, engineer’s name, date and many more to your audio files and provide your clients with valuable extra information. Plus, you can attach various further technical information to your files enabling a flawless working process with the CD manufacturer.

  • Enhanced meta-data support
  • File formats including BWAV and ID3 v2
  • Ability to add information such as artist’s name, pictures, copyright, engineer’s name, date among others


Thanks to the overall improved help system, you can start using WaveLab Elements 8 right away. Besides an improved “What’s this?” function that provides answers when just hovering the mouse pointer over a program area, the help viewer is now a fully integrated part of WaveLab Elements that makes finding an answer not only faster but also more convenient.

  • New manual for WaveLab Elements 8
  • Improved “What’s This?” function
  • Help Tracker for identifying menu entries


If that wasn't enough, we've added more than 50 improvements in different program areas. Besides an updated burning engine for providing reliable burning processes on the latest operation systems, WaveLab Elements 8 contains new recording options, enabling you to assign custom audio outputs for monitoring each recorded channel.

Plus, the recording dialog has a new Mix With Playback button for mixing the monitored audio signal with the playback signal. This way, it is now possible to toggle between the auditioning of the recorded signal and the playback signal. And it doesn’t stop here — there are even more enhancements waiting to be discovered.

Manufacturer Steinberg
Condition New


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