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From Manufacturer

  • MV50 Clean Analog Pre-amp

Kraft Music Adds

  • BC108 Cabinet
  • Guitar Stand
  • Instrument Cable
  • Pickholder

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List Price: $429.95

Our Price: $299.98

You Save $129.97 (30%)

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"Simply put, incredible service, wonderful digital piano and yes, you have exceeded our expectations. I'm VERY happy with this purchase and with Kraft Music's service. Excellent job - Thank you!" - Diane, FL

"Kraft has what many businesses are lacking today, a focus on customer service. Please keep up the great job and thank you for providing such great service." - Gordon, MN

Exclusively at Kraft Music... Our Vox MV50 Clean Nutube Head STAGE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE offers an impressive deal on your amp head and cabinet to get you started. You'll receive all of the following in this exclusive Kraft Music BUNDLE:

  • Vox MV50 Clean Nutube Head

    Vox MV50 Clean Nutube Head

    MV50 Clean 50 Watt Analog Pre-Amp Inspired by American Amplifiers, Featuring Nutube
    List Price: $279.99

    Our Price: $199.99

    You Save $80.00 (29%)

    Designed with an emphasis on analog, VOX's MV50 combines classic amplifier design with new and innovative production techniques to produce a miniature amplifier with truly monstrous sound. Boasting an incredible 50 watts of power, this one-pound package serves up serious guitar tone that's reminiscent of your favorite old tube amps. With speaker & line/headphone outputs, the MV50 is perfect for the stage, at home, or in the studio for direct recording. (sells separately for $199.99)
  • Vox Black Cab Series BC108

    Vox Black Cab Series BC108

    Black Cab Series BC108 Cabinet with 8" Speaker
    List Price: $129.99

    Our Price: $99.99

    You Save $30.00 (24%)

    The ideal companion for the MV50, the BC108 is a compact, portable cabinet that is designed to enhance the low-frequency range to ensure rich, full guitar tone at any volume. The specially designed 8” speaker is mounted from the front, allowing for clearer tone and a wider dispersion of sound. Additionally, the cabinet has been designed with a semi-open back structure to ensure a tighter sound, especially in the low frequency range. While compact and lightweight, the BC108 still offers plenty of volume and is perfect for at-home practice. (sells separately for $99.99)
  • On-Stage XCG-4 Guitar Stand

    On-Stage XCG-4 Guitar Stand

    On-Stage Height Adjustable Tripod Guitar Stand
    List Price: $22.99

    Our Price: $12.95

    You Save $10.04 (44%)

    One important accessory included in this package is the guitar stand. We selected this one because it's a great match for this instrument. It's height adjustable, very stable, and won't scratch your instrument's finish. (sells separately for $12.95)
  • Kraft Music Instrument Cable by Strukture - 20'

    Kraft Music Instrument Cable by Strukture - 20'

    Standard 1/4" to 1/4" Instrument Cable 20' Length
    List Price: $14.99

    Our Price: $8.95

    You Save $6.04 (41%)

    This instrument cable has a metal headshell and spring-steel strain relief. A great addition to this exclusive offer. (sells separately for $8.95)
  • On-Stage Microphone Stand Pick Holder (with 5 heavy picks)

    On-Stage Microphone Stand Pick Holder (with 5 heavy picks)

    On-Stage Mic Stand Mounted Guitar Pick Holder with 5 Heavy Guitar Picks
    List Price: $11.99

    Our Price: $5.95

    You Save $6.04 (51%)

    The GSAPK6700 Pick Holder keeps your picks where you need them. The flexible and durable rubber can hold a variety of picks in different shapes and sizes and won’t slide down your mic stand. Attaches to any standard mic stand or boom up to 7/8” in diameter. Holds up to seven picks (5 included). (sells separately for $5.95)

The Kraft Music exclusive Vox MV50 Clean Nutube Head STAGE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE offers great savings and a head-start with your amp head and cabinet. This BUNDLE will be delivered to your door, and you'll be ready to jam with your guitar.

Place your order for the Vox MV50 Clean Nutube Head STAGE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE today!

Manufacturer Vox
Condition New
Product Type Guitar Pre-amp Head
Application Electric Guitar
Power Max 50W RMS@4Ω, 25W RMS@8Ω, 12.5W RMS@16Ω
Channels 1
Amp Models
Inputs 1/4" Line In, 1/4"
Outputs 1/4" Speaker Out
EQ Tone, Gain
Effects Loop No
Height 2.95"
Width 5.31"
Depth 3.94"
Product Weight 1.19lbs
Unique Features Uses Korg's Nutube 6P1 Preamp


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