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What's In the Box?

From Manufacturer

  • DTX900 Trigger Module
  • XP120SP Snare Pad
  • (2) XP100T Tom Pads
  • XP120T Floor Tom Pad
  • (2) PCY135 Crash Cymbals
  • PCY155 Ride Cymbal
  • RHH135 Hi-Hat Controller
  • KP100 Kick Pad
  • SS662 Snare Stand
  • HS740A Hi-Hat Stand
  • PS940 Percussion Stand
  • MAT1 Module Mounting Hardware
  • (2) WS860 Double Tom Stands
  • (2) CH750 Cymbal Holders
  • CH755 Cymbal Holder
  • All Connecting Cables

Kraft Music Adds

  • Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • Drum Throne
  • Headphones
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Drum Sticks

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List Price: $6,529.07

Our Price: $4,488.99

You Save $2,040.08 (31%)

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“Within moments of viewing your website, it was crystal clear to me that this was a well-organized, reputable, quality establishment. I have never experienced, in all my life, such hassle-free order fulfillment. I cannot eloquently put into words what a joy it was to deal with your company. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Melinda, NY

"We are always very happy with the service we receive from Kraft Music. We live nearby and purchased a digital piano at the old location. The new location is much more welcoming for people to walk in and browse the pianos and now the guitars. The people working always make us feel welcome." - Craig, WI

Exclusively at Kraft Music... Our Yamaha DTX920HWK DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLE includes everything you'll need to get started playing your electronic drum set. You'll receive all of the following products in this exclusive Kraft Music BUNDLE:

  • Yamaha DTX920HWK Electronic Drum Set

    Yamaha DTX920HWK Electronic Drum Set

    Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit with Standard Acoustic Drum Hardware including the DTX900 Drum Trigger Module, XP120SP Snare Pad, 2 XP100T Tom Pads, XP120T Floor Tom Pad, 2 PCY135 Crash Cymbals, PCY155 Ride Cymbal, RHH135 Hi-Hat Controller, KP100 Kick Pad, SS662 Snare Stand, HS740A Hi-Hat Stand, PS940 Percussion Stand, MAT1 Module Mounting Hardware, 2 WS860 Double Tom Stands, 2 CH750 Cymbal Holders, CH755 Cymbal Holder, and all Connecting Cables
    List Price: $6,060.00

    Our Price: $4,488.99

    You Save $1,571.01 (26%)

    The DTX920HWK, Yamaha's flagship DTX drum kit, achieves an exquisite feel and high level of playability that matches what you experience when playing a set of acoustic drums. The DTX920HWK even comes equiped with Yamaha 800 Series drum hardware for easy transportation with an acoustic look and greater flexibility. Equipped with a tone generator that delivers exceptionally real sound, plus a number of functions that only electronic drums can provide, the kit offers drummers the best way to express themselves in a digital world. Includes Yamaha's 3-zone DTX-PAD, for snare and toms; 3-zone cymbal pads, a vertically movable hi-hat that offers natural feel and playability for both hands and feet, and a large, highly-stable kick pad. (sells separately for $4,488.99)
  • Gibraltar 4711SC-DB Double Bass Drum Pedal

    Gibraltar 4711SC-DB Double Bass Drum Pedal

    4000 Series Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
    List Price: $245.00

    Our Price: $129.00

    You Save $116.00 (48%)

    This kit doesn't ship with a pedal, so we've included one in this BUNDLE. This chain drive double bass drum pedal is a simple and fast pedal, styled with the "G" pedal board and hammer dual surface beater, this pedal delivers speed and ease of use. (sells separately for $129.00)
  • Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne

    Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne

    Gibraltar 6600 Series Motorcycle Top Drum Throne
    List Price: $130.99

    Our Price: $59.95

    You Save $71.04 (55%)

    This kit does not come with a throne so we've added one to this BUNDLE. This drum throne is constructed of top grade foam and durable vinyl for maximum comfort. Easy height adjustment (from 18" to 24") with memory lock. (sells separately for $59.95)
  • Audio-Technica ATH-T22 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATH-T22 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

    Professional Dynamic Stereo Headphones
    List Price: $69.95

    Our Price: $19.99

    You Save $49.96 (72%)

    One of the biggest benefits of an electronic drum kit is the ability to practice quietly. Wearing headphones, you'll make little noise to the outside world while enjoying your ability to bang on drums...even at 1 a.m. These headphones feature excellent sound quality and are comfortable to wear for long practice sessions. (sells separately for $19.99)
  • Kraft Music 4GB Flash Drive

    Kraft Music 4GB Flash Drive

    4GB Flash Memory Drive
    List Price: $29.95

    Our Price: $7.99

    You Save $21.96 (74%)

    Use this handy flash drive to load data from an external source into the module then assign the voices to the pads to play. (sells separately for $7.99)
  • On-Stage 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

    On-Stage 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

    On-Stage Wood Tip Drumsticks
    List Price: $7.99

    Our Price: $2.49

    You Save $5.50 (69%)

    This is the most important part of our DRUM BUNDLE...sticks! Drum sticks will ship along with this exclusive BUNDLE. (sells separately for $2.49)
This exclusive Kraft Music Yamaha DTX920HWK DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLE delivers all of the "essentials" to you at a tremendous price. Your Yamaha DTX920HWK and accessories will be delivered to your door, and will include everything you need to get started with your new electronic drum set.

Place your order for the Yamaha DTX920HWK DRUM ESSENTIALS BUNDLE today!

Manufacturer Yamaha
Condition New
Number of Pads 9
Snare Pad Zones/Surface 3-zone / Textured Silicone
Tom Pad Zones/Surface 3-zone / Textured Silicone
Cymbal Zones (2) Crash: 13" PCY135: (Cup/Bow/Edge)
(1) Ride: 15" PCY155: (Cup/Bow/Edge)
Kick Pad Surface Mesh
Hi Hat Stand Included Yes
Kick Pedal Included Kick Pedal Included In Bundle
Snare Stand Included N/A
Throne Included Throne Included In Bundle
Instrument Sounds Drum and percussion: 1,115
Melodies: 211
Drum Kits Preset: 50, User: 50
Trigger Inputs 14
Metronome Yes
Sequencer/Recording Yes
Songs/Patterns Demo: 3
Practice: 44
Pad: 40
User: 50
Inputs 1/4" Aux In / Sampling In
Outputs 1/4" Phones
1/4" Stereo Out (R - L/Mono)
Digital Out
Connectivity MIDI, USB
Storage Type Internal, USB
Unique Features Comes with Yamaha 800 series hardware for a truly custom setup


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