yamaha dtx950k electronic drum set

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Yamaha DTX950K Electronic Drum Set


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  • DTX900 Trigger Module
  • (1) XP120SD Pad
  • (2) XP120T Pads
  • (2) XP100T Pads
  • (1) KP125W Bass Drum Kick Pad
  • (2) PCY135 Cymbal Pads
  • (1) PCY155 Cymbal Pad
  • (1) RHH135 Hi-Hat Controller Pad
    HS740A Hi-Hat Stand
  • SS-662 Snare Stand
  • CH750 Boom Cymbal Holder
    (2) CH755 Boom Cymbal Holders

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Get more for your money with Kraft Music's exclusive Yamaha DTX950K Electronic Drum Set BUNDLES!

This Yamaha DTX950K electronic drum set includes a KP125W kick pad, two 10" tom pads, two 12" tom pads, 12" snare pad, a RHH135 hi-hat pad, 15" cymbal pad, and two 13" cymbal pads. The electric drum kit also includes the HXR4LD Hex Rod DTXtreme III Curved Rack System and all necessary hardware.

The DTX-PAD: a next-generation electronic drum pad
Yamaha has been a proud and dedicated designer of acoustic drums for many years, and that's why Yamaha knows what it means for drums to feel good and to work just right during performances. In its relentless pursuit of drumming perfection, Yamaha has channeled all of its experience into the creation of a new generation of electronic drum pads. Yamaha sought the help of the world's top drummers, reflecting their detailed sense of perfection to give form to the drummer's ideal. The result of this quest for perfection is the DTX-PAD.

The Yamaha DTX-PAD achieves an exquisite feel that satisfies even the world's top drummers. The surface of the pad features a Textured Cellular Silicone Head, made using unique molding technologies developed by Yamaha. It has a different stick response for the snare and toms, which provides a natural feeling when you use the pads in a drum set. The sensitivity of the pad has dramatically increased by employing a floating design. Its durability has been proven through Yamaha's severe testing process and yet achieves a level of quietness during play that is on a different level from other contemporary e-drum pads.

Realistic cymbals and durable kick pads
This kit employs the vertically mobile RHH135 hi-hat pad. This pad is incredibly quiet, and its pedal has a natural feel. You can control different sounds with the pad and edge areas, and foot splashing is supported. It includes the HS740A hi-hat stand.

There are 2 types of cymbal pads included - the 15" PCY155 and the 13" PCY135. They both have 3 zones: the pad, edge, and cup. Each zone produces a different sound. Because sticks bounce and vibrate on these pads in almost the exact same way that they do on real cymbals, you'll get that same feeling that you do playing on an acoustic drum set. Also, you can choke the cymbal pads by grabbing their edges after you hit them.

This electric drum kit also includes a KP125W kick pad, which guarantees stable play, even when you're using a double foot pedal. A protective sheet that covers the entire drumhead makes each kick pad extremely durable.

HXR4LD Hex Rod DTXtreme III Curved Rack System
Yamaha's hexagonal tubing prevents clamps from slipping and adds strength and stability to the rack. Cymbal arms mount from front vertical tubes and clamps rotate on ball joints for superior adjustability.

This rack includes 3 - 46" curved bars, 6 HXTC tom/cymbal arms, 4 tom arms, 2 CH-750 cymbal booms, and one CH-755 cymbal boom. With available accessory clamps and tubes (sold separately) you can create any custom configuration. The matte finish resists fingerprints better than chrome.

The high-quality tone generator and superb operability of the DTX900 module
In addition to a collection of essential Yamaha acoustic drum sounds, the DTX900 also features a broad spectrum of voices taken from the world-renowned MOTIF-Series synthesizers for a grand total of 1,326 voices. Even on a live stage, these subtle, yet dynamic voices bring forth a compelling presence. The Expanded Articulation System, which creates subtly different samples even when you strike the drum with the same strength, can create more natural snare rolls and re-create the feel of a legato ride cymbal or staccato hi-hat. This module is equipped with rich and powerful DSP effects. This includes global effects, such as reverb and chorus, which can be used commonly throughout the whole system, as well as variation effects that can be used on each drum kit. It is equipped with a chain function that enables you to program drum kits freely, in any order that you desire. Even during a live performance, you can switch to another drum kit easily just by hitting a pad.

The Yamaha DTX900 also features internal recordings of 87 songs from a wide variety of genres. You can mute the drum part and play along with a song, and you can also record your own performance.

Add original sounds through sampling
The Yamaha DTX900 module is equipped with an Aux In/Sampling In connector. You can connect it to an external sound source or use a microphone and sample your own audio, from instruments to vocals. You can even load original voices from USB flash memory and assign them to different pads.

Customization enables you to create your ideal drum sound
The possibilities are limitless. You can arrange the versatile electronic drum kit as you please to create your own original drum set. You can switch to different snare or cymbal sounds, add a cowbell sound or a woodblock sound, and then you can save your settings. Next time you select the patch, your electric drum set will be just as you left it.

Versatile trigger features
The module is also equipped with a stacking feature, which plays multiple drum voices simultaneously when you hit a single pad, and an alternation feature, which changes the voice each time you hit a single pad. By combining these features, you can perform in ways that would be impossible with an acoustic drum set.

Rich training features for improving your performance skills
The drum module has a metronome feature that enables you to set precise types of clicks for different types of notes. You can change the locations of the click accents. It is also equipped with a groove check function, which checks the accuracy of your timing and tells you how off-rhythm you are, and a rhythm gate function, in which the drum only produces sound for accurate shots. This allows you to train for practice as if you were playing a game. With the Aux-In connector, you can connect a CD player, portable MP3 player, or other device and practice using any song you like.

Connect to PCs and other devices
The MIDI and USB connectors allow you to not only play sounds from an external sound source and use the high-quality sound of the DTX900 as a sound source, but to also add power to your music creation by using Digital Audio Workstation software to create a MIDI recording of your own performance. In addition, Steinberg Cubase AI 5 is included. You can use it to change parameters such as the tempo, timing, and tone of your recorded MIDI performances. The unit will also function as a MIDI-controller for VST instruments. With a free download from Yamaha's website, the DTX900 panel switches can even be used to control Cubase AI 5 and other DAWs, allowing for more streamlined music creation.

You can use the 6 Individual Out connectors to send the snare, tom, and other drum sounds to your mixer individually. You can record to a multitrack recorder easily without using the complicated miking that you would need to record from an acoustic drum set. Also, you can use the Digital Out (S/PDIF) connector to send digital quality sound from the DTX900 to an external device.

Manufacturer Yamaha
Condition New
Number of Pads 10
Snare Pad Zones/Surface 3 (Head, Open Rimshot, Closed Rimshot) / Textured Silicone Head
Tom Pad Zones/Surface 3 (Head, Open Rimshot, Closed Rimshot) / Textured Silicone Head
Cymbal Zones PCY135: 3 (Cup/Bow/Edge) PCY155: 3 (Cup/Bow/Edge)
Kick Pad Surface Textured Silicone Head
Hi Hat Stand Included Yes
Kick Pedal Included No
Snare Stand Included Yes
Throne Included No
Instrument Sounds Drum and Percussion: 1115 Melodies: 211
Drum Kits Preset: 50, User: 50
Trigger Inputs 15 + Hi-Hat Controlk
Metronome Yes
Sequencer/Recording Yes
Songs/Patterns 87
Outputs 1/4" Stereo Headphone (2) 1/4" Line - L/Mono, R (6) 1/4" Line - Individual Output S/PDIF
Connectivity MIDI, USB
Storage Type Internal, USB
Unique Features New 12" XP120S Snare Pad. Two 10" XP100T and two 12" XP120T Floor Tom Pads. Featuring the expandable HEXRACK System. Matte Chrome finished hoops for strength and looks. Shock-absorbing mounting system. Updated Kick Pad with reinforced head. 1,115 drum and


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