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$175 Kraft Music Electronic Gift Card

Give the gift of music with a $175 Kraft Music Electronic Gift Card!

Shopping for musicians can be difficult, especially if you are trying to surprise them. Here are just a few ways that a Kraft Music Electronic Gift Card can help:

  • Guitarists: Guitars players need strings, picks, and all sorts of accessories all the time. They also tend to have specific preferences. Don't risk getting them the wrong thing and let them get exactly what the want with an Electronic Gift Card!

  • Keyboard Players: Many digital pianos have numerous add-on options, but these options are generally brand and model specific. Use an Electronic Gift Card to help give the keyboard player in your life a more complete playing experience without shipping them the wrong bench, stand, or music rest.

  • Drummers: Just like guitarists, drummers almost always need smaller accessories like drum sticks. There are a lot of sizes, weights, and styles to choose from. You can help your drummer keep playing with an Electronic Gift Card.

  • Home Recording: Know someone who makes their own music recordings at home? In a home studio setting you always need more microphones, better equipment, and new toys. These needs are specific to the studio and every little bit from an Electronic Gift Card goes a long way.

  • Gigging Musicians: Gigging musicians need a lot of gear to ensure they give the best performance possible. Whether they play every weekend or tour the country, gear goes missing, breaks, and needs replacement all the time. You can help fill the tip jar by giving them an Electronic Gift Card to fill in those odds and ends.

  • Saving Up: Has the musician in your life been saving for a new instrument? Help their dreams come true and contribute to the fund with an Electronic Gift Card.
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