Analogue Solutions Fusebox X Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer CONTROLLER RIG

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Fusebox X

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    Analogue Solutions Fusebox X Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

    Analogue Solutions Fusebox X is a three-VCO monosynth with the legendary Analogue Solutions vintage synth sound. A three-note tri-phonic play mode has been added along with enhanced patchability, a 440Hz reference tone for oscillator tuning, a mini step sequencer and more.

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    Analogue Solutions Fusebox X is a thoughtful iteration of the original Fusebox, a three-VCO monosynth with the legendary Analogue Solutions vintage synth sound. A three-note tri-phonic play mode has been added along with enhanced patchability, a 440Hz reference tone for oscillator tuning, a mini step sequencer and more. All the voice and modulation circuits are 100% analog.

    • Mono synthesizer: Fusebox X can produce fat basses, screaming leads and sound effects – beeps, tones, zaps and all the other crazy sounds associated with analog synthesis.
    • Effects processor: Fusebox X's added patch points include audio inputs for each of its mixer channels, so in addition to patching in sound from its oscillators you can feed external sounds through the onboard analog filters for processing.
    • Drum synthesizer: With its snappy envelopes and noise source, Fusebox X is able to produce all kinds of electronic percussion: kicks, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, etc.
    • Build quality: Fusebox X has a rugged steel/aluminum case, high-quality potentiometers and knobs and real wood sides.
    • Mounting options: Fusebox X comes pre-configured to be a vertical desktop unit but can be reconfigured to be a flat tabletop unit with some minor screwdriver work. You can also remove the wood sides and attach optional 7U rack ears (sold separately) for rackmounting.

    Analog oscillators

    Fusebox X has three analog VCOs, each with sawtooth and square waves. VCO1 also has an octave switch and cross-modulation switch. VCO2 has a wide range switch as well as oscillator sync. VCO3 has a wide range switch and can be decoupled from MIDI pitch control for modulation duties. Both VCO2 and VCO3 can be used as extra LFOs.

    Analog filter

    Fusebox X has a two-pole 12dB/octave multimode filter with low pass, band pass, high pass and notch modes, each with its own dedicated audio output. There are two cutoff modulation CV inputs with separate attenuators as well as additional attenuators to set MIDI note velocity's and EG1's effects on cutoff.

    Analog low frequency oscillator

    In addition to the option to use VCO2 or VCO3 as modulators, Fusebox X also has a dedicated analog LFO with two sine wave outputs and two square wave outputs. There are controls to dial in the effect on filter cutoff and pulse width modulation as well as a handy fade in control for delayed modulation effects.

    Analog mixer

    Routing options consigned to rocker switch on the original Fusebox have been made even more flexible with audio input patch points on Fusebox X, letting you input and mix any combination of oscillators, the sub-oscillator, the noise source and even external sound sources.

    Analog amplifier

    The VCA can be set to 'thru' so it is always open, allowing you to use Fusebox X as an effects processor for external sounds. Otherwise, it will be modulated by EG2 or an external CV input.

    Analog envelope generators

    There are two EGs, each with control over attack, sustain and combined decay/release. They're really full ADSR, just with decay and release on the same control, saving space with almost no compromise in flexibility. Each EG has two CV output jacks as well as a gate trigger input and can also be triggered by either the patternator or MIDI notes.

    Step sequencer

    Fusebox X has a vintage-style mini step sequencer similar to the classic SH-101 sequencer, letting you create simple melodic loops via the MIDI input and then transpose them. There are also dedicated controls for playback direction and range, with the extended range option playing back sequences as programmed and then again an octave higher.


    Separate from the step sequencer is the Patternator, a unique combination of step sequencer and arpeggiator. A great tool for inspiration, use it to generate short melodic note sequences or rhythm patterns.

    Interval generator

    The whole pitch of the synth can be transposed at the press of a button, and these transpositions can be automated using the interval generator's clock input. Set the transpose level you want for each of six settings that you can then trigger with dedicated buttons.

    More Information
    MPN Fusebox X
    Manufacturer Analogue Solutions
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power supply
    Analog/Digital Analog
    Number of Keys None
    Voices of Polyphony Monophonic
    Oscillators per Voice 3 plus Sub
    Sequencer SH-101-inspired mini step sequencer
    Patternator probability-based sequence generator
    MIDI In, Out, Thru
    Audio Inputs 5 × 1/8" audio mixer inputs
    Can be patched with oscillator outputs, sub-oscillator, noise source or external sources
    Audio Outputs 1/4" mono main output
    Control Connections Semi-modular design with numerous 1/8" CV, gate and audio patch points
    Width 17.71"
    Depth 11.81"
    Height 5.51"
    Product Weight 9.92 lb
    Unique Features Interval generator for whole-synth pitch transposition with 6 presets and dedicated trigger buttons

    Analogue Solutions Warranty

    This device comes with a 1 year (from purchase date) back to base warranty, i.e., customer must arrange and pay for shipping to and from Analogue Solutions or the dealer from which purchased.

    This warranty shall not apply where the product has been subject to alteration, misuse, accident, neglect (such as extremes of temperature and/or moisture) or to wear resulting from normal use.

    At the sole discretion of Analogue Solutions, the warranty is deemed to be void should the unit be or considered to have been opened or any other modifications or tampering be carried out by unauthorized parties.

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