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  1. Kraft Music Welcomes PRS Guitars

    A PRS guitar and Amplifier

    For over 35 years, Paul Reed Smith has been making guitars that are cherished for their beauty, playability, and amazing tone. You may have noticed a consistently growing selection of Paul Reed Smith guitars at Kraft Music. With the release of the 2021 PRS line, we now have over 30 models available to order, and we are just getting started. I recently had a virtual sit down with Kraft Music Guitar Merchandising Specialist Matt Kashuda, to talk about acquiring PRS as a brand for Kraft Music.

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  2. Yamaha Releases New DGX and Clavinova Digital Pianos During NAMM Believe in Music Week

    Yamaha CLP-725 in black

    It is safe to say that Yamaha DGX and Clavinova CLP models are some of the top-selling digital pianos in the world. During NAMM'S Believe in Music Week, Yamaha introduced fresh visions to both lines. Say hello to the new DGX-670, Clavinova CLP-725 and Clavinova CLP-775 digital pianos.

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  3. Hammond SK Pro - A Modern Classic Organ Reimagined

    Hammond SK pro closeup

    Hammond’s SK Series set the standard for lightweight stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Hammond's all-new SK Pro advances and refines the SK concept, bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality combined with logical real-time controls. Sporting four sound engines that can be used separately or in any combination, SK Pro offers hundreds of presets that include piano and ensemble, synthesizer, and organ selections. Though Hammond went to great lengths to create a professional-grade instrument that will appeal to the needs of many different players and genres, this is a Hammond organ at heart.

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  4. Winter Guitar Care

    Acoustic Guitar in a case

    With winter right around the corner, the cold weather is here and it's time to give some extra love and attention to your acoustic stringed instruments. Ensuring proper humidity levels is key for keeping your guitar in tip-top shape, even through the harsh, cold winter! Not only does proper humidification help to keep the playability and setup optimal, but it will also help prevent any issues that can arise from low humidity, such as cracks in the body and top, bridge lifting, or complete bridge separation. These issues can be unsightly, devalue your instrument, and often are not covered under warranty, which can lead to expensive repairs. Plus let's consider the mental anguish of your beloved guitar taking on easily avoidable damage. Luckily, its very easy to help prevent these issues with the following tips:

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  5. Alesis Releases the Strike Pro SE

    Alesis strike pro se side view

    When Alesis released the original Strike Pro Kit a few years ago, it shook up the electronic drumming world with an unprecedented combination of sound, feel, features, and presentation for its price point. Now, Alesis is back with Strike Pro SE, a sharp-looking kit that at first glance may appear to offer just a few cosmetic enhancements. However, upon further inspection, it becomes clear that it delivers a number of compelling feature upgrades and improvements as well. Let's dive in and take a look at what makes Strike Pro SE special.

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  6. Korg OpSix FM Synth Exceeds Expectations

    Korg Op-six closeup

    Like all instruments, Korg OpSix Altered FM Synthesizer deserves to be evaluated on its merits while also existing in a continuum of other instrument designs, trends in music and sound, and the shifting collective preferences of musicians and sound designers. OpSix performs admirably in both arenas.

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  7. Fender Introduces the American Professional II Series

    Blue american pro II telecaster

    In 2016 Fender moved on from their venerable "American Standard" series and introduced the American Professional series. These new guitars featured Tim Shaw-designed pickups, as well as treble bleed circuits, giving them a balanced tone that allowed for chime without shrill overtones and power without sacrificing what made each model decidedly Fender. While there are some modern players who seek out guitars with maximum output, any true Fender fan will tell you that articulation, dynamics, and voicing are equally important factors when finding your tone or recreating the sound of your favorite guitar gods. It seems Fender has kept this in mind with the launch of their new American Professional II series.

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  8. Make Music Anywhere with Portable Synthesizers

    Portable. battery-powered synths

    We're in the final stretch of summer, and many Americans are packing their bags and venturing into the great outdoors to get in one last adventure. Musicians have often found this to be a perfect opportunity to get inspiration with their music by taking along an instrument to wherever their travels take them. Strumming an acoustic guitar while camping in the woods, beating on the bongos to the rhythm of the ocean waves at the beach, or playing a woodwind instrument to the setting sun in the desert – all of those are terrific ideas, of course, but what if the instrument that gets your creative juices flowing is a synthesizer?

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  9. Introducing the New Clavinova CLP-700 Series

    CLP-785 in a home with family

    Following the success of the incredible CLP-600 series, Yamaha proudly introduces the next generation in digital piano excellence: the Clavinova CLP-700 series. Created for experienced pianists and beginners alike, this exquisite new series offers endless opportunities for learning, creative musical expression, and enjoyment. These new models deliver an improved level of natural playability, complete with the breathtaking sound quality Yamaha has achieved through decades of acoustic concert piano development and craftsmanship.

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  10. Moog Subharmonicon: What's New, What's Changed?

    Moog Subharmonicon

    Moog Subharmonicon is the latest addition to Moog's growing family of tabletop semi-modular analog synthesizer modules, arriving in the same size case as its siblings Mother-32 and DFAM and sharing the same friendliness toward eurorack setups. Subharmonicon combines two VCOs and two subharmonic oscillators per VCO with two four-step sequencers and four rhythm generators to make one of Moog's most unique synths.

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