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  1. New Roland Piano App Now Available

    Featured image for the article "New Roland Piano App Now Available" showing app screens on tablets and phone

    Streamline your Roland piano experience with the new Roland Piano App. From easy menu navigation to advanced learning tools, this free app for your smartphone or tablet provides a range of features to simplify and enhance the Roland piano experience and take your musical education and enjoyment even further. The combination of wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and an updated interface results in an app that's simple, streamlined, and intuitive for everyone in the family to use.

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  2. Alesis Drum Kit Comparisons

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    Established in 1980, Alesis was founded on innovative technology and award-winning industrial designs that allowed entry-level musicians and recording artists access to professional-quality studio recording products that were never affordable before. Alesis continues this tradition with their impressive range of electronic drum kits, designed to fill the needs of players at all levels.

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  3. Yamaha Announces New Arius YDP-145 and YDP-165 Digital Pianos

    Featured image for the article "Yamaha Announces New Arius YDP-145 and YDP-165 Digital Pianos" showing Yamaha Arius YDP-165 in home setting

    When one of the world's largest acoustic piano manufacturers makes some improvements to their digital piano line, we take notice. At Kraft Music, we have carried the entire Yamaha Arius line of digital pianos since its inception in 2008. Every few years, Yamaha takes advantage of technology advances and makes each model a bit better. We arranged to have a new YDP-145 in the black walnut finish and a YDP-165 in dark rosewood brought to our studios to have a closer look.

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  4. Roland Announces Portable, Affordable Fantom-0 Workstation Keyboards

    Featured image for the article "Roland Announces Portable, Affordable Fantom-0 Workstation Keyboards" showing Fantom-06, Fantom-07, and Fantom-08 arranged on a black background

    In 2019, Roland established its Zen-Core Synthesis System with the release of the flagship Fantom and since then has used it to power a variety of synths and grooveboxes in various sizes and at various price points. Now they return to Fantom with the release of new Fantom-06, Fantom-07 and Fantom-08 models.

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  5. Yamaha Revstar Guitars Get Compelling Revisions for 2022

    Featured image for the article "Yamaha Revstar Guitars Get Compelling Revisions for 2022" showing RSP20 Revstar Professional guitars laid side by side

    In 2015, Yamaha launched their first new electric guitar series in over a decade with the Revstar series, breathing new life into their classic guitar legacy. Here in 2022, Kraft Music is proud to welcome the newest lineup of Revstar models, with new finishes and new switching and tonal options, as well as left-handed models.

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  6. Yamaha's New Portable Keyboards for 2022

    Featured image for the article "Yamaha's New Portable Keyboards for 2022" showing angled view of PSR-E473 on road case

    Sleek and professional-looking, Yamaha's PSR-E473 and PSR-EW425 keyboards are the latest entries in a long line of portable electronic instruments that pack startling quantities of advanced features into surprisingly affordable packages. Yamaha has been making portable keyboards since 1980, with the PSR series in production for 35+ years, so there is a substantial pedigree behind these new models. The latest iteration, PSR-E/EW, has been current for almost two decades.

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  7. Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

    Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

    As a company comprised mainly of musicians, we’ve come to realize that our kind can be a little tricky to shop for. Luckily, we spend a lot of time with the gear at our store and have some great gift ideas to share. Whether you are shopping for the next great songwriter or someone who just enjoys music, we've got something for everyone on your list!

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  8. Strymon Joins the Kraft Music Roster

    Strymon pedals on pedalboard

    Kraft Music is proud to welcome Strymon as the newest addition to our product lineup. Based out of Southern California, Strymon has built their name as the go-to source for revolutionary, high-quality effects for guitar, bass, keys, and beyond. Strymon has earned their reputation with stunning sound quality, effortless control layouts, and sharp aesthetics. It speaks volumes that so many analog purists have been won over by their authentic reproductions of vintage effects like tape echo, rotary speaker, and spring reverb, to name a few.

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  9. Focusrite Scarlett - Ten Years of Making Records

    Image showing split of 2011 1st generation Scarlett 2i2 and 3rd generation 2021 Scarlett 2i2

    Focusrite’s Scarlett range of interfaces is celebrating ten years of making music accessible to anyone, anywhere. Thanks to over four million users across 180 countries, the high-quality audio offered by Scarlett has helped make more records than any other interface in history — and Focusrite have learned a lot in those ten years.

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  10. Fender Announces the Addition of the Player Plus Series

    Fender Player Plus group

    Building off the success of the Player Series, Fender is proud to announce an exciting new lineup with the addition of the Player Plus Series. Kraft Music is excited to welcome these models to our roster, featuring never-before-seen eye-popping finishes and legendary Fender quality. The new Fender Player Plus models shift seamlessly between stage, studio, and home, packed with modern features at a player's price point.

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