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  1. The Four Main Components of Digital Pianos

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    Digital pianos are not a new concept. Rather, they've been around for about 30 years! The technology housed inside these instruments is getting better every year, and with each new generation, we're witnessing dramatic improvements in the action (touch of the keys), sound engine, speakers and overall design. Whether you're learning to play, accompanying your own voice, performing live or just plain relaxing, today's digital pianos are your musical Swiss Army knives.

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  2. Six Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Piano

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    Whether you're new to music or a seasoned player, just about every customer we encounter has questions when shopping for a digital piano. Prior to purchasing an instrument, we suggest considering six important questions.

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  3. Alesis Drum Kit Comparisons

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    Established in 1980, Alesis was founded on innovative technology and award-winning industrial designs that allowed entry-level musicians and recording artists access to professional-quality studio recording products that were never affordable before. Alesis continues this tradition with their impressive range of electronic drum kits, designed to fill the needs of players at all levels.

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  4. Ukulele Buying Guide


    A few years ago, the ukulele made a gigantic comeback and was brought back into the public eye. Artists like Twenty One Pilots and Jason Mraz have helped bring the ukulele into mainstream music, but it’s not just the chart-topping hits that have continued to attract more and more people to the instrument. The popularity of the ukulele continues largely due to the fact that it is an extremely accessible instrument. For instruments like guitar or drums, the learning curve can be fairly steep. It’s hard to make the sounds you want right away and takes a great deal of practice and patience. But with a ukulele, you can create music in seconds. In addition, the price tag can be much friendlier with a ukulele, which makes it great as a low-risk gift or purchase. Before you jump in, there are a few things you should know. Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying your first ukulele:

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  5. Guitar Buying Guide

    Acoustic guitar

    Buying a guitar for the first time? Choosing an instrument can be intimidating, exhilarating, frightening, and wonderful all at the same time. With so many options available, it can leave you overwhelmed and content to just play the radio. You’re not alone! We’ve all been there and are here to help you navigate your way through this crazy maze and find your way to the guitar that works best for you. Let’s go through a few basics so you can better understand the available options when browsing./p>

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