Digital Pianos

  1. New Roland GP-3 Compact Grand Piano Might Be the Perfect Size

    Featured image for the article "New Roland GP-3 Compact Grand Piano Might Be the Perfect Size" showing GP-3 in a home setting

    At Kraft Music, we carry over 200 different digital pianos in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. It's not often that a new piano comes along that fits in where others don't. And then comes the new Roland GP-3, which Roland calls "the most compact and affordable grand in the acclaimed GP series." We would call it the most compact and affordable grand that we carry. Period. Really, it's in a class of its own.

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  2. Roland Premium Pianos: Now at Kraft Music

    Featured image for the article "Roland Premium Pianos: Now at Kraft Music" showing music rest, console, and keyboard of Roland GP grand piano

    Kraft Music has been selling keyboards and synthesizers since 1984. In the years since, we have expanded to include a much broader range of instruments while still maintaining a specialization in those with black and white keys, and especially digital pianos. Our desire to provide the best possible digital piano shopping experience for our customers has been acknowledged by a number of brands that have selected us as an online partner for their premium digital piano lines, the latest of which is Roland and their HP, LX, and GP series of premium digital pianos.

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  3. New Roland Piano App Now Available

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    Streamline your Roland piano experience with the new Roland Piano App. From easy menu navigation to advanced learning tools, this free app for your smartphone or tablet provides a range of features to simplify and enhance the Roland piano experience and take your musical education and enjoyment even further. The combination of wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and an updated interface results in an app that's simple, streamlined, and intuitive for everyone in the family to use.

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  4. Yamaha Announces New Arius YDP-145 and YDP-165 Digital Pianos

    Featured image for the article "Yamaha Announces New Arius YDP-145 and YDP-165 Digital Pianos" showing Yamaha Arius YDP-165 in home setting

    When one of the world's largest acoustic piano manufacturers makes some improvements to their digital piano line, we take notice. At Kraft Music, we have carried the entire Yamaha Arius line of digital pianos since its inception in 2008. Every few years, Yamaha takes advantage of technology advances and makes each model a bit better. We arranged to have a new YDP-145 in the black walnut finish and a YDP-165 in dark rosewood brought to our studios to have a closer look.

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  5. Yamaha's New Portable Keyboards for 2022

    Featured image for the article "Yamaha's New Portable Keyboards for 2022" showing angled view of PSR-E473 on road case

    Sleek and professional-looking, Yamaha's PSR-E473 and PSR-EW425 keyboards are the latest entries in a long line of portable electronic instruments that pack startling quantities of advanced features into surprisingly affordable packages. Yamaha has been making portable keyboards since 1980, with the PSR series in production for 35+ years, so there is a substantial pedigree behind these new models. The latest iteration, PSR-E/EW, has been current for almost two decades.

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  6. Yamaha Releases New DGX and Clavinova Digital Pianos During NAMM Believe in Music Week

    Yamaha CLP-725 in black

    It is safe to say that Yamaha DGX and Clavinova CLP models are some of the top-selling digital pianos in the world. During NAMM'S Believe in Music Week, Yamaha introduced fresh visions to both lines. Say hello to the new DGX-670, Clavinova CLP-725 and Clavinova CLP-775 digital pianos.

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  7. Introducing the New Clavinova CLP-700 Series

    CLP-785 in a home with family

    Following the success of the incredible CLP-600 series, Yamaha proudly introduces the next generation in digital piano excellence: the Clavinova CLP-700 series. Created for experienced pianists and beginners alike, this exquisite new series offers endless opportunities for learning, creative musical expression, and enjoyment. These new models deliver an improved level of natural playability, complete with the breathtaking sound quality Yamaha has achieved through decades of acoustic concert piano development and craftsmanship.

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  8. Roland RD-88 Stage Piano Overview

    Roland RD-88 Digital Stage Piano

    Arguably Roland's best stage piano in years, RD-88 ticks all the boxes for professional gigging musicians, offering a slim profile that strikes a great balance between playability and portability, a versatile sound engine presented through a thoughtful, streamlined physical interface and a wealth of performance- and travel-focused amenities.

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  9. A Quick Look at the Yamaha PSR-I500

    Yamaha PSR-I500 Keyboard

    With the exploding popularity of Indian culture around the world, in particular India's modern movies and filmi, Yamaha has chosen a great time to bring one of their portable keyboards for Indian music to the US market. Manufactured in India at a new Yamaha factory, PSR-I500 is the successor to PSR-I455 and brings even more best-in-class Indian Voices and factory Style content along with some great new features.

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  10. A Great Time to Learn a Musical Instrument

    ipad with piano lesson app

    These days, everyone and everything are more connected than ever, and that includes musical instruments and musicians. Many of today's digital pianos, keyboards, and electronic drum sets include some form of USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connection that enables connection to computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Some instruments even include the songs and exercises for popular lesson books built in. And even if your instrument doesn't offer one of these options, it's easier than ever to access downloadable and streaming lessons and tutorials. Here are just a handful of the great online and app-based lesson materials that are now available to help you learn music in the comfort of your own home, or wherever and whenever else it's convenient to take a moment and learn something new.

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