1. Alesis Releases the Strike Pro SE

    Alesis strike pro se side view

    When Alesis released the original Strike Pro Kit a few years ago, it shook up the electronic drumming world with an unprecedented combination of sound, feel, features, and presentation for its price point. Now, Alesis is back with Strike Pro SE, a sharp-looking kit that at first glance may appear to offer just a few cosmetic enhancements. However, upon further inspection, it becomes clear that it delivers a number of compelling feature upgrades and improvements as well. Let's dive in and take a look at what makes Strike Pro SE special.

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  2. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Fuses Acoustic Stage Presence with Electronic Performance

    Roland V drums acoustic design

    After years of leading the charge in "traditional" electronic drum sets, Roland has stepped into the realm of acoustic drum set-based electronic kits with the V-Drums Acoustic Design series. Although previous entries in the category of electronic drum sets built around acoustic drums exist, such as Pearl's ePro series, and Roland has previously hinted at this direction with their full-size kick drum-equipped TD-50KVX and TD-25KVX kits, this is the first time we've seen a complete Roland electronic kit using actual acoustic drum shells and hardware.

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  3. Kraft Music Staff Favorites


    Kraft Music is staffed almost entirely by active musicians. And of course, musicians love to get their hands on new gear. Working for a music instrument retailer, we’re fortunate to see a lot of products first hand. We truly back the brands that we choose to sell, and most of it seems to get added to our collections or wishlists. This year, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you. Get an inside look at some products the Kraft Music staff love and see if they might be right for you or someone on your list. Here’s a list of Kraft Music Staff Favorites:

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  4. Gifts for Drummers

    Stick Holder

    It’s that time of year again! We’ve assembled a number of buying and gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. Shopping for musicians can be tricky. That’s why we’ve got the perfect list of gifts for guitarists. From creative to practical, here’s a variety of gift options for you to consider:

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  5. Going Electric with E-Drums

    Electronic drum set

    The percussion family is one of the oldest groups of musical instruments in the world. The concept is simple: you hit something (usually with a stick, mallet, hands, or any other form of beater) in some sort of rhythm or pattern, and BANG! You have a percussion instrument. Drums are accessible, energetic, and provide the base for a lot of music. The drum set as we know it today has only been around for about 100 years, but in that time it has undergone some serious changes.

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  6. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit Upgrades a Favorite

    Alesis Nitro mesh kit

    The original Alesis Nitro Kit proved to be incredibly popular, hitting the right balance between features and price while offering electronic drum performance that surpassed its affordability. Now, Nitro is back with mesh heads for a more realistic drumming experience.

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  7. Pearl Announces NEW E/MERGE KIT

    Pearl E/MERGE KIT

    As e-drum enthusiasts, we at Kraft Music always get excited when something new is announced. This year has already seen Roland release a variety of new and updated kits, in addition to the great configurations and color options you can now find on our site for the TD50KV. Alesis and Yamaha also released kits at Summer NAMM. In most years, a new kit or two is all we ever hope for. Thankfully, this year is not like most years.

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  8. Roland TD-17 First Look

    Roland TD-17

    The opportunity to play a new electronic drum kit before it's released is always fun. Having the chance to play Roland's new V-Drums kit is exciting! Today I was able to play the new TD-17KVX, the latest offering by Roland to the V-Drums line. Here are some of my first impressions…

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  9. Dave Smith Instruments Announces Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer

    Sequential Prophet X

    Musicians have been asking for samples through real analog filters for a long time,' says Dave Smith, and as we take a look at the newly-announced Sequential Prophet X it's worth discussing first and foremost how it fulfills that request.

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