1. Take Your Sound Anywhere with New CK Series Stage Keyboards from Yamaha

    Featured image for the article "Take Your Sound Anywhere with New CK Series Stage Keyboards from Yamaha" showing closeup of CK61 and CK88 two-tier setup in studio from the rear

    Following in the footsteps of the YC Series Stage Keyboards and the most recent iterations of Yamaha's venerable CP Series Stage Pianos, Yamaha presents the CK Series of stage keyboards. The new CK61 and CK88 have set up shop at the intersection of pro sounds, portability, and affordability, while also bringing along a few fresh tricks to the Yamaha stage keyboard line. Versatility and a wealth of features make a serious case for a CK Series 'board as both an all-in-one keyboard rig and as a powerful-in-its-own-right compliment to a YC or CP-based setup.

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  2. Hammond SK Pro - A Modern Classic Organ Reimagined

    Hammond SK pro closeup

    Hammond’s SK Series set the standard for lightweight stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Hammond's all-new SK Pro advances and refines the SK concept, bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality combined with logical real-time controls. Sporting four sound engines that can be used separately or in any combination, SK Pro offers hundreds of presets that include piano and ensemble, synthesizer, and organ selections. Though Hammond went to great lengths to create a professional-grade instrument that will appeal to the needs of many different players and genres, this is a Hammond organ at heart.

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  3. The Crumar Seven is a Modern Specialist in Vintage Keyboard Sounds

    crumar 7

    In recent years, we have seen a number of new instruments that specialize in classic electric piano and keyboard sounds. Before you're seduced by the smooth curves of the Korg SV-1, enchanted by the fiery red Nord Electro, or stunned by the sound and stature of the Waldorf Zarenbourg, let's take a minute to consider an excellent alternative… the Crumar Seven.

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  4. Nord Electro 6 - New for the 2018 NAMM Show

    Nord Electro 6

    Nord lifts the veil off the latest generation of the famed Electro series of stage keyboards, showcasing a wide array of refined, innovative features. The Electro 6 offers three independent sound sections managed by a streamlined user interface that makes operation faster than ever. Speaking of fast, the Electro 6 inherits the Stage 3's Seamless Transitions feature when changing sounds or programs while playing.

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