1. Korg OpSix FM Synth Exceeds Expectations

    Korg Op-six closeup

    Like all instruments, Korg OpSix Altered FM Synthesizer deserves to be evaluated on its merits while also existing in a continuum of other instrument designs, trends in music and sound, and the shifting collective preferences of musicians and sound designers. OpSix performs admirably in both arenas.

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  2. Make Music Anywhere with Portable Synthesizers

    Portable. battery-powered synths

    We're in the final stretch of summer, and many Americans are packing their bags and venturing into the great outdoors to get in one last adventure. Musicians have often found this to be a perfect opportunity to get inspiration with their music by taking along an instrument to wherever their travels take them. Strumming an acoustic guitar while camping in the woods, beating on the bongos to the rhythm of the ocean waves at the beach, or playing a woodwind instrument to the setting sun in the desert – all of those are terrific ideas, of course, but what if the instrument that gets your creative juices flowing is a synthesizer?

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  3. Moog Subharmonicon: What's New, What's Changed?

    Moog Subharmonicon

    Moog Subharmonicon is the latest addition to Moog's growing family of tabletop semi-modular analog synthesizer modules, arriving in the same size case as its siblings Mother-32 and DFAM and sharing the same friendliness toward eurorack setups. Subharmonicon combines two VCOs and two subharmonic oscillators per VCO with two four-step sequencers and four rhythm generators to make one of Moog's most unique synths.

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  4. Sequential Pro 3 Overview

    Sequential Pro 3

    When Dave Smith Instruments discontinued its DSP-based Prophet 12 and Pro 2 synths, speculation started immediately about potential replacements. A theoretical Pro 2 successor arguably received the lion's share of prognostication, partly because Sequential's already-shipping Prophet-6 and Prophet X could be seen as sort-of replacements for Prophet 12 but mostly because Pro 2 was so beloved among its owners, with many of them reacting to news of its retirement by describing it as 'perfect' and wondering what Sequential could possibly do to improve it.

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  5. A (Re)Introduction to KingKorg

    King Korg

    Originally announced way back at NAMM 2013, where it was understandably overshadowed by the show-stealing MS-20 Mini, KingKorg is a 61-key analog modeling synth focused on live performance. Initially available in a champagne gold finish along with a black version introduced later, Kraft Music is once again stocking (and bundling!) the black model (which is the only colorway still manufactured, the market presumably having voted with its wallets against champagne gold).

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  6. A Quick Look at the Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit

    Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit assembled

    Don't let its diminutive size and low price fool you: you actually get not only quite a bit of synthesizer in Korg's Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit, you also get a generous software package along with it!

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  7. Roland Conjures Up New Fantoms for 909 Day

    Roland Fantom

    As part of a series of '909 Day' new product announcements, Roland has updated their flagship Fantom series of workstations, endowing them with a host of modern features that clearly show there's still room for the venerable workstation keyboard in today's modern studios and stage rigs.

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  8. Novation Synthesizers: Ongoing Development Adds Dazzling New Features

    Novation Synthesizers

    High on the list of modern phenomena we sometimes take for granted is the notion of the consumer product that gains markedly improved/expanded functionality over time, where the product is least capable and complete on the day we buy it and only improves during its useful life via a steady diet of software updates.

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  9. Kraft Music Staff Favorites


    Kraft Music is staffed almost entirely by active musicians. And of course, musicians love to get their hands on new gear. Working for a music instrument retailer, we’re fortunate to see a lot of products first hand. We truly back the brands that we choose to sell, and most of it seems to get added to our collections or wishlists. This year, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you. Get an inside look at some products the Kraft Music staff love and see if they might be right for you or someone on your list. Here’s a list of Kraft Music Staff Favorites:

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  10. Cool MODX Is Yamaha's Portable, Affordable Montage

    Yamaha MODX

    We've written before about Yamaha's bold willingness to upend and redefine traditional keyboard product categories as it releases new flagship instruments: Montage isn't precisely the MOTIF successor many were expecting and predicting, and Genos is something more than just a Tyros 6. Both are fantastic keyboards, but how well these square pegs fit into category round holes like 'workstation' or 'arranger' is by design very much up for debate.

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