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    Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine

    Heavy-hitting, abrasive, punchy and utterly exciting, Arturia DrumBrute Impact combines addictive hands-on performance power with a distinctive sound set. Full of character, each of the 10 drum and percussion voices perfectly complement each other and can be augmented on the fly with a dedicated 'Color' sound-shaping parameter. Smash your signal with global distortion control, create never-ending polyrhythmic sequences and rediscover the joys of the analog drum machine.

    (Sells separately for
    Decksaver Arturia DrumBrute Impact Cover

    Decksaver Arturia DrumBrute Impact Cover is a tough but lightweight polycarbonate shell that protects against damaging elements and accidental impact. Since the cover is precision molded for an exact fit while also accommodating cables, your DrumBrute Impact can sit ready for operation. Slides straight into a carry bag or flight case ready for transportation. Shields delicate controls from damage in the studio, in transit and on stage.

    (Sells separately for

    As a member of the 'Brute' analog hardware family, Arturia DrumBrute Impact really lives up to its name. Featuring attitude-packed, tweakable analog drums sounds, a unique 'Color' layer, output distortion and arguably the best sequencer on the planet, DrumBrute Impact promises to redefine the way you create rhythm, drums and percussion both in the studio and on stage.

    In the sound department, DrumBrute Impact features 10 fantastic sounds, each with its own independent sequencer track and accessible through 8 responsive performance pads.

    • KICK: pounding bass drum with nice attack transients and variable pitch and decay.
    • SNARE 1: a big-bodied snare with great, editable snap and decay.
    • SNARE 2: a trashy snare with a hint of clap, with adjustable tone and decay.
    • TOM HIGH: simple but powerful high tom with sweepable pitch.
    • TOM LOW: pants-shaking low tom that can get so low you could use it as a second kick.
    • CYMBAL: zingy, metallic crash with adjustable decay.
    • COWBELL: a simple but effective percussive cowbell.
    • CLOSED HAT: hard-hitting hat with variable tone that also affects the open hat.
    • OPEN HAT: open up the hat sound with changeable decay and a mute controlled by the closed hat.
    • FM DRUM: a percussive synth voice with adjustable carrier pitch, decay, FM amount and mod pitch.

    Hands-on analog controls let you adjust and tweak the sounds on the fly, allowing you to tailor DrumBrute Impact's sound for tight, choppy performances. Open up the decay to let the sounds breathe, raise the pitch and tone for crisp, snappy parts or lower them for big, booming power – the choice is yours.

    On top of independent volume controls, every drum aside from the cowbell features a selection of unique parameters that vary its tone, pitch, shape or synth properties. These sounds have been carefully crafted by Arturia's sound designers not only to sound exciting and visceral, but also to create a cohesive 'kit' sound that truly gives DrumBrute Impact a unique, inspiring voice.

    To add another dimension to its sound, versatility and sequencing possibilities, DrumBrute Impact also features a 'Color' layer, letting you create dramatic changes to the sound on the fly. This can be activated channel-by-channel or programmed using the sequencer and generates unique tonal changes in the drum sounds. Add drive to the kick, change the tone of the cymbal, max out the pitch envelope of the FM drum – Color gives DrumBrute Impact another level of creative possibilities.

    Each instrument channel has its own unique Color implementation, meaning that you can also automate and record changes by using the step sequencer, letting you modulate and experiment with your tone as you progress through your sequences. Check out some examples of how Color can be used to make some subtle and not-so-subtle changes to a drum pattern.

    With just a simple 'on' switch and a single knob, DrumBrute Impact's distortion circuit will add some grit and drive to your drums. Tailored to percussive sounds, the distortion knob can be cranked without losing the all-important power and transient detail of each instrument. Thanks to the natural compression effect that goes hand-in-hand with distortion, the distortion can be used at more subtle settings to add that mix 'glue' to bring everything together in a cohesive sonic space.

    The distortion circuit drives every sound going through the main output. If you start connecting the individual kick, snares, hats, or FM bus outputs, those sounds will come out clean, giving you full control over mixing, multi-tracking, and post-processing.

    DrumBrute Impact features 8 responsive, hard-wearing finger-drumming pads that can be used to perform drum sounds and input steps on the fly. There are multiple ways the pads can be used. For example, you can simply perform the drum sounds, free of any sequence, by just playing the pads. You can also do this while a sequence is playing, letting you improvise on top of a solid rhythm. If you like what you hear, you can hit the record button and whatever you play will be recorded into the current sequence on the correct channels for the drums you were playing. This performance can be either recorded naturally or quantized.

    By holding Shift, you can also use the pads to quickly select a drum channel in the sequence without triggering the sound. The pads are also used to control the mute and solo selections, letting you get creative while performing live. DrumBrute Impact's pads also light up when their sound is triggered by the sequence, giving you instant visual feedback on what sounds are playing and when, yet another way this small but mighty drum machine draws you in and helps you become a better, more confident musician.

    Using the same sequencing know-how that brought the world the award-winning Spark series, DrumBrute and BeatStep Pro, Arturia has infused some serious step-sequencing power this Brute: DrumBrute Impact features a polyrhythmic 64-step song-capable sequencer supported by a host of easy-to-use performance controls. Add Swing, inject some Randomness, glitch it up with a Step Repeater, quickly spice up patterns with the Roller, add Accents and even record Unquantized if you wish.

    DrumBrute Impact also gives you comprehensive connectivity, with four extra output busses for post-processing or multi-tracking kick, snares, hi-hats or the FM drum individually; when any of these connections are used, their assigned sounds are removed from the main output. On the back you'll also find clock in and out to sync with vintage or modular gear, MIDI in and out to sync up with contemporary synths and outboard equipment and USB for perfect integration with your DAW and Arturia's MIDI Control Center software, which also gives you access to extra customizations under the hood.

    MIDI Control Center
    Aside from letting you back up, store and recall all patterns, banks and songs, hooking up DrumBrute Impact via USB and using Arturia MIDI Control Center lets you do a few more complex things. For example, you may wish to switch banks while DrumBrute Impact is playing without selecting a pattern; MCC lets you do that. You may want to enable 1/4 triplets on the metronome; MCC lets you do that, too! If you want the play button to start your sequence from where it left off, rather than restarting it at step 1, MCC can do that, too. These global 'set and forget' changes let you customize and personalize your instrument, making it truly yours.

    • 10 pure analog sounds: kick, two snares, high tom, low tom, cowbell, cymbal, open and closed hi-hats, and FM drum
    • Storage for 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
    • Separate accent per drum
    • Unique 'Color' sound shaping on all instruments except cowbell
    • Song mode for chaining patterns
    • Polyrhythm capabilities: each drum track can be a separate length
    • Swing: global or per instrument
    • Randomness: generate pattern variations
    • Pattern looper for 'beat repeat' functions
    • Roller touch strip for realtime instruments rolls
    • Output distortion with bypass
    • Smart metronome with headphone override
    • Multiple sync options: internal, MIDI, clock (including 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, and DIN48)
    • USB MIDI interface
    • Master output and optional individual audio outputs for kick, snares, hats and FM drum
    • Headphone output
    More Information
    MPN 561101
    Manufacturer Arturia
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power supply
    Analog/Digital Analog
    Voices of Polyphony 10
    Oscillators per Voice Varies by Sound Engine
    Effects Drum-optimized distortion on output bus
    Sequencer 64 steps
    Sampling No
    Internal Storage Capacity 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
    Arpeggiator No
    MIDI In, Out, USB
    USB Port (to Host) MIDI, System Updates
    Audio Outputs 1/4" main mono output
    1/8" headphone output
    (4) 1/8" individual bus outputs for kick, snares, hi-hats and FM drum
    Gate trigger clock output
    Control Connections Gate trigger clock input
    Onboard Controllers 'Roller' touch strip for step rolls/retrigs or on-the-fly sub-pattern looping
    Width 12.6"
    Depth 11.4"
    Height 3.54"
    Product Weight 4 lb
    Unique Features Separate accent per drum
    Song mode for chaining patterns
    Individual audio outputs

    Arturia Hardware Warranty

    Arturia hardware warranty is one year parts & labor, except for issues caused by the customer, such as mechanical/electrical damage, that are non-warranty.

    All warranty repairs/exchanges are handled through the new Arturia Service Center in Bellingham, WA.

    For warranty service, an RA# must first be obtained from Arturia.

    Arturia will pay for return shipping of the repaired/exchanged product to the store/customer.

    Arturia Service may charge a fee (restocking or return to dealer fee) for products that are received with 'no problem found' (returned to Arturia without being tested prior).

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