Arturia Modular V Virtual Instrument Software

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Arturia Software Recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer in Standalone and Plug-In Formats

In partnership with Dr. Bob Moog, Arturia has brought you the synth that started it all. From Wendy Carlos's famous 'Switched on Bach' to Keith Emerson's live use, this huge modular showed that electronics could be musical, thus providing the catalyst for every other synthesizer we see today. The towering modular synthesizer that has dominated the world of music since the 1960s has been revived!

Modular synthesis at its best
Originally sold as custom units to artists such as Tomita, Klaus Schultz, The Beatles, Tangerine Dream and many others, Arturia has recreated a giant collection of the best modules for you here. With up to 9 oscillators, 3 filter slots, 2 LFOs, 6 envelopes, VCAs, mixers, a sequencer and more, this classic synth offers you no limitations for your creative endeavors.

Much more than a Modular
Arturia Modular V includes some very rare module replicas, like the Bode frequency shifter and the 928 sample and hold modules, as well as a few innovative effects developed by Arturia's team, like the formant filter and ring modulator. Modular V will give you a lifetime of sound design possibilities.

  • Features
    • All the parameters of the original modular synth
      • 9 oscillators
      • 2 LFOs
      • 3 filter slots
      • 1 noise generator
      • 6 envelopes
      • 2 VCAs
    • 16 auxiliary VCAs with modulation inputs
    • 24-step sequencer
    • 1 filter bank with 14 bandwidths available
    • More than 600 presets made by professional sound designers
    • Mono/polyphonic (up to 64 voices per instrument)
    • Soft clipping function
    • Stereo delay and chorus
    • 12-stage phaser and ring modulator
    • Very accurate reproduction of the legendary 24dB/octave low-pass filter
  • Specifications
    • Standalone instrument
    • VST 2.4 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in
    • VST 3 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in
    • Audio Unit 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in
    • AAX 32-bit (ProTools 10.3.8) and 64-bit (ProTools 11) plug-in
    • NKS plug-in
    • Copy protection by Arturia Software Center
    • System requirements
      • Mac
        • macOS 10.8 or higher
        • 4 GB RAM
        • 2 GHz CPU
        • 1GB free hard disk space
        • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
      • Windows
        • Win 7 or higher
        • 4 GB RAM
        • 2 GHz CPU
        • 1GB free hard disk space
        • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
More Information
MPN 210501
Manufacturer Arturia
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer  
Software Type Virtual Instrument
Plug-In/Standalone Operation Both
Plug-In Formats VST 2.4 32- and 64-bit
VST 3 32- and 64-bit
Audio Unit 32- and 64-bit
AAX 32- and 64-bit
Mac/PC Compatibility Both
Operating System Compatibility macOS 10.8 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
Licensing Method Online Authorization
Delivery Method Download