Arturia SparkLE Hybrid Drum Instrument


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Arturia Compact USB Drum Controller with Spark Software

SparkLE is the newest hybrid instrument from Arturia that will take your beat creation to new levels. By combining the amazing sounds, work flow and creative tools of the Spark Engine software with the high quality SparkLE controller, Arturia has created the ultimate beat creating powerhouse.

Ultimate drum machine
SparkLE is arguably the most powerful and creative drum solution available today. It takes the best elements from analog drum machines, sample based beat boxes and cutting edge physical modeling. Then SparkLE combines them in a modern beat station offering powerful synthesis and expressive control.

Drum synthesis
Most drum machines will have you searching, browsing and managing endless libraries of samples, SparkLE supports sample playback but goes a step further and invites you to dive deep into the synthesis of drums. Tweaking knobs and interacting with your sound finally brings the fun back to beat creation.

Hybrid solution
The SparkLE system is a combination of hardware and software, offering you the best of both worlds: a musical user experience and a powerful software engine totally integrated into your studio. You will be surprised by how simple it is to get started, unleash your creative juices and add that SparkLE to your mixes!

Step sequencer
SparkLE integrates classic TR style step sequencing with real-time beat making. The 16 SEQ buttons allow for quick beat making and act as a visual reference of your patterns. Patterns can have up to 64 steps. You can see which grouping of patterns you are in with the bright PATTERN LEDs. You can quickly shorten or extend patterns from the hardware using the << & >> buttons. If you want to play in your beats, simply press RECORD and play the 2 banks of 8 pads. You can choose to play them in quantized or unquantized.

Velocity-sensitive pads
The 8 velocity and pressure sensitive pads allow for expressive real-time pattern recording. The velocity sensitivity is unmatched in other drum machines. This gives you an excellent dynamic range for natural performances. The pressure sensitivity allows you to create some amazingly live patterns when used in conjunction with the ROLLER on the XY pad.

Jog dial
The combination of our large step encoder and dedicated buttons for choosing PROJECTS, KITS or INSTRUMENTS makes loading your data easier than ever. Simply choose the data type that you want to load, turn the dial to select the project, kit or instrument you want and then press the dial to enter. The Spark Engine software will show you exactly what you are loading on the screen. If you open the LIBRARY page from SparkLE, you will see our graphic 'coverflow' that allows you to see projects in a whole new way. You can choose your own artwork to use when saving, thus customizing the look and feel of your projects.

FX pad
The touch sensitive XY Pad offers real-time performance effects right at your fingertips for dramatic transformations of your beats. The GLOBAL FILTER allows you to process your entire mix through an 8-mode filter. We have added 5 modes of our TAE Oberheim SEM filter to the already great sounding LOW PASS, HIGH PASS and BAND PASS filters we have. The SLICER gives you amazing beat slicing, reverse playback, deep Tape drop effects, Strobe, beat sync pans, bit crushers and more. This unique performance tool will give you more hands on live control than you have ever had with any other drum machine.

Instrument knobs
SparkLE features 3 assignable encoders that work in conjunction with your currently selected sound. These encoders can control functions like pitch, instrument filter cutoff and resonance, insert effect parameters as well as the other synthesis parameters in each engine. The INSTRUMENT XY buttons allow access to some of the same parameters while the XY pad provides you with a new way to perform and create automation patterns that will spawn new life into your drum beats.

SparkLE's advanced looper is the perfect weapon for creating live breaks. The looper acts on the pattern position itself, allows you to repeat sections of a pattern at the press of a button. The divide and move functions allow you to set the size and the position of the loop within your pattern. You can shift these in real-time to create all kinds of new and interesting beats that will keep the people on the dance floor. This feature brings a lot of dynamics into your playing especially when used live. When using the Looper in conjunction with the XY pad, you have an astronomical number of ways to twist and tear up your beats in ways never before achievable.

TAE analog synthesis
SparkLE's Sound Engine embeds Arturia's TAE technology, standing for True Analog Emulation. In simple language, this is an unprecedented way of modeling and creating the specific sounds from classic analogue synthesizers such as the Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter 8 or Oberheim SEM. Incorporating this award-winning technology into SparkLE has allowed us to recreate all the punch, warmth and thickness of the sounds from the most sought after analogue drum machines in the world.

Physical modeling
Physical modeling is a technique of synthesizing the properties of natural objects when they are struck or plucked. Used in the most tame ways it allows you to create very dynamic and accurate acoustic sounds. However, physical modeling can be pushed to create wild new sounds never heard before. This gives SparkLE a whole new method of sound creation that no others offer.

Digital sampling
Sample playback is the bread and butter of drum machine technology and SparkLE delivers in abundance. You can layer multiple samples to create vast sound collages or set the layers to split across velocity, cycle through the samples or trigger randomly. Add to this templates that offer post-processing like filters and Bode frequency shifters and you have great sonic possibilities. SparkLE's library includes multi-layered acoustic drums, deep dance music hits, a plethora of sound effects and instrument stabs. On top of this, SparkLE lets you easily drag and drop your own samples onto pads and then chop, layer and edit them within its sound engine.

Mixer & effects
SparkLE's mixer gives you a familiar interface for controlling the level, pan, insert effects and sends of your instruments. Each of these parameters can be automated in the PATTERN page or controlled via the assignable encoders on the SparkLE hardware. Each drum instrument can be processed through 14 unique and professional grade digital effects : compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multiband EQ, chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, plate reverb, destroyer, flanger, space pan, limiter, and sub generator.

Automation is what takes a simple pattern or sound and transforms it into music. SparkLE and the Spark Engine offer a number of ways to create and edit automation. You can use the assignable encoders, the XY pad or the pencil and line tools in the PATTERN/AUTOMATION page. All instrument and effect parameters from the inserts can be automated within the Spark Engine. Each track of the step sequencer allows for 15 different parameters to be automated per instrument plus full automation of all the insert effects parameters for a given instrument.

Song mode
Now that you have your patterns made, you want to organize them into a complete song. SparkLE's song mode allows you to chain your patterns in the order you want to create that new dance anthem. Simply enter song mode, and drag and drop the patterns you want to use one by one. Copy, paste, insert and delete functions allow you to edit and arrange your data simply and easily.

Plug-in & standalone
The Spark Engine software can be used as standalone or run as a plug-in within your favorite host sequencer, including but not limited to Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase, MOTU Digital Performer and Cakewalk Sonar. Spark Engine runs in 64-bit mode and supports the AU, VST, RTAS plug-in formats, with AAX support coming soon. When used as a plug-in, the Spark Engine supports 16 audio outputs that can be routed and assigned within your host.

PLEASE NOTE: As a software-based product, Arturia SparkLE is excluded from our satisfaction return policy. A defective unit may be exchanged for a working one but may not be returned for a refund.

More Information
MPN 420101
Manufacturer Arturia
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer USB Cable
-ROM containing Spark Creative drum machine software

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All warranty repairs/exchanges are handled through the new Arturia Service Center in Bellingham, WA.

For warranty service, an RA# must first be obtained from Arturia.

Arturia will pay for return shipping of the repaired/exchanged product to the store/customer.

Arturia Service may charge a fee (restocking or return to dealer fee) for products that are received with 'no problem found' (returned to Arturia without being tested prior).

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