ATV aDrums Artist Standard Electronic Drum Set (No Module)


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ATV aDrums Electronic Drum Set with 4 Drum Pads, and 3 Cymbals (no module)

aDrums artist Design Concept
With electronic drums, the visual is as important as the sound. As musicians, we are at our best when playing an instrument that not only sounds amazing, but is also refined and beautiful. This fact has always been overlooked by the big e-drum manufacturers. With the aDrums Artist series drums, ATV has achieved the near-perfect balance of old-world artisan workmanship and forward-thinking technical design. The designers that have brought you nearly every electronic drum innovation for the past 30 years have once again raised the bar. aDrums are designed under unified design rules, you can add drums and cymbals later and still have cohesiveness and uniformity.

Kick & Toms Conceptually, aDrums began life as drums, not as pads. The shells are 7mm, 6-ply birch. The bearing edges are cut 45 degrees each side, inside 70%, outside 30%. With no plastic in between, the mesh drum head is directly in contact with shell, allowing it to capture subtle trigger response from both the head and rim.

aDrums' wood shells are finished in a high-gloss, solid-black lacquer, further defining them as a fine-quality musical instrument.

ATV has taken the traditional rubber used for muting the rim on most every electronic drum and turned it into a positive design feature by changing the finish of hoop to black. aDrums use chrome finish for vertical parts and black finish for horizontal parts.

When the feel of a cymbal's vibration through the stick, the visual of the its thin edge swaying, and the complex sound produced all merge together, they define why drummers love cymbals. These design elements were key influences during the design process. When you play ATV cymbals, you will feel their wobble through the stick, especially the 18Ó ride. Making the curved cymbal bow as thin as possible helped us recreate this characteristic wobble. Thick cymbals don't wobble. And, for the first time ever, the radius at the edge of the cymbal is ultra-thin, 0.75 mm to be exact. Creating this ultra-thin edge was difficult and costly, something other companies have not been willing to do. This is all combined with the ability to play anywhere on the cymbal, bell, bow, and edge, just like an acoustic cymbal. Grab the cymbal anywhere around the edge to choke it. Clean and simple, with great playability, this is ATV's new cymbal for the next generation.

aD5 Standard set includes:

  • aD-K18 Kick
  • aD-S13 Snare
  • aD-T10 Rack Tom
  • aD-T13 Floor Tom
  • aD-H14 Hi-Hat
  • aD-C16 Crash
  • aD-C18 Ride
  • ADA-SS Snare Stand
  • ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-CS Cymbal Stand
  • ADA-MPC aD5 Mount
Drum Module and Trigger Cables Sold Separately
More Information
Manufacturer ATV
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer ADA-BSPACK (Basic Pack)
ADA-HWPACK (Hardware Pack)
Number of Pads 7
Snare Pad Zones/Surface 3-Zone Mesh
Tom Pad Zones/Surface 2-Zone Mesh
Cymbal Zones 3 Zones
Cymbal Choke Capability Yes
Kick Pad Surface Mesh
Hi Hat Stand Included No
Kick Pedal Included No
Snare Stand Included Yes
Throne Included No
Instrument Sounds Module sold separately
Drum Kits Module sold separately
Trigger Inputs Module sold separately
Metronome No
Sequencer/Recording No
Number of Songs/Patterns Module sold separately
Sampling Module sold separately
Internal Storage Capacity Module sold separately
Audio Inputs Module sold separately
Audio Outputs Module sold separately

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