ATV aDrums EXS-3 Electronic Drum Set


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ATV aDrums 5-piece Electronic Drum Kit with xD3 Module

The aDrums EXS kits provide a superior playing experience, one perfect for drummers of all levels. All EXS series drum sets combine high-resolution, realistic drum sounds, with high-quality pads specifically designed to maximize playability and expression.

The EXS-3 is a more compact model and includes all the essential drums and cymbals you need to play expressively in any style. With the xD3 sound module, you have access to a great variety of detailed and realistic instrument sounds providing you countless hours of playing pleasure.

EXS-3 Configuration:
  • xD3 Sound Module
  • 10" Kick Drum
  • 10" Snare Drum
  • 2x 10" Toms
  • 10" Floor Tom
  • 12" Hi-Hat
  • 12" Crash Cymbal
  • 14" Ride Cymbal

* Kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, and drum throne are sold separately.

360º Cymbal Play & Choke
The cymbals can be played and choked anywhere around their full circumference, eliminating the need for rotation stoppers that inhibit natural cymbal motion. Simply place the cymbal on the stand and see how the newly designed pivot allows it to swing naturally in all directions. The innovative design replicates other natural details as well, such as how the whole cymbal flexes and wobbles when its thin tapered edge is struck. The silicone playing surface feels great and provides excellent silencing characteristics. All these design details work together to create a playing experience similar to that of an acoustic cymbal.

Detect Subtle Pedal Work
Conventional electronic hi-hat designs typically use contact-type sensors to detect foot pedal motion. These mechanical designs are limited in their precision and tracking capability. Solving this problem, the EXS hi-hat utilizes an optical sensor to provide precision resolution, capturing subtle hi-hat feel and nuance. Truly amazing!

Advanced Sensor Technology
ATV drums utilize a durable and sensitive two-layer mesh drum head. No matter the style, the wide dynamic range of EXS series drums will fill you with confidence. The patented multi-sensor trigger system completely eliminates the nasty problem of hotspots. From ghost notes to powerful rim shots, the EXS drums capture the full dynamic range of your performance.

Anchor Your Groove
The ideal kick drum combines sensitivity and precise triggering with stability to give solid feedback. ATV's mesh kick pads offer the perfect balance of damping, sensitivity, and mass. The rock-solid, fast-triggering kick will anchor your groove. Using a double pedal? The stability and sensitivity of the kick allows you to flawlessly play fast patterns. With the EXS series kick you'll never miss a beat!

xD3 Sound Module
The xD3 sound module enables drummers of all levels to fully express their playing. The dynamic range of a kick drum, the unique timbres of a snare, and the complex frequencies of each cymbal all work together to give the player the nuance needed to recreate the subtleties of their performance. Every detail is meticulously reproduced; mic placement, the position of the drummer's ear, ambient sound, and stereo imaging. This all translates into sonic detail previously not found in any other electronic drum module.

High-Quality Drum Kits
Each drum kit stored in the xD3 is constructed from the hi-definition, richly-detailed sound recordings of real acoustic drums and cymbals. When you purchase an ATV product, five contrasting drum kits are included, each reflects a genre of rock, pop, swing, and metal. Try them and you'll experience the mature sounds of vintage cymbals, the vivid tonal colors of snare drums, and the deep resonance of toms. Each sound, including the kick drum, conveys its own sense of spatial distance and room reverberation. The realism of the xD3 and EXS series experience goes way beyond the limits of old-school sound design approaches. You can even download more kits at the ATV Sound Store.

Metronome Tool
With the metronome functions of the xD3, you can visually monitor the accuracy of your timing; a real-time judgment that can be difficult to assess on the fly. When you play along with the metronome function activated, the strength of your strikes and their timings are displayed on the LCD screen. Using this tool, you can play through your regular practice routine while visually analyzing and adjusting your performance. The metronome tone, volume, tempo, meter, and beat division can all be edited. There's even a crash cymbal cue to the start.

Song Functions
The xD3 also supports your broader musical development by including song functions allowing you to practice and perform over high-quality backing tracks composed by professional musicians. Using the song function, you can practice different grooves and rhythms over a great variety of backing tracks covering popular genres such as rock, pop, funk, and jazz. When playing a song you can also use the marker and loop functions to enable you to repeatedly practice any section of the song you set—a great tool when you want to work on your performance.

Performance Recording
It is important for any drummer to be able to listen back objectively to their own performance. To support this need, the xD3 includes a recording function that allows you to record your performance over a backing track along with the metronome. Recording can be set to automatically start with the first stroke of your performance, this useful feature ensures you can concentrate on performing without having to execute any button pushes to begin recording.

More Information
Manufacturer ATV
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer xD3 Sound Module
10" Kick Drum
10" Snare Drum
2x 10" Toms
10" Floor Tom
12" Hi-Hat
12" Crash Cymbal
14" Ride Cymbal
Drum Rack
Multi-trigger Cable
Number of Pads 8
Snare Pad Zones/Surface 2 - Mesh
Tom Pad Zones/Surface 2 - Mesh
Cymbal Zones 3
Cymbal Choke Capability Yes
Kick Pad Surface Mesh
Hi Hat Stand Included No
Kick Pedal Included No
Throne Included No
Drum Kits 5 included, more downloadable at the ATV Sound Store
Trigger Inputs Multi-trigger connector
1 additional 1/4" Trigger In (Crash 2)
Metronome Yes
Sequencer/Recording Yes
Audio Inputs 1/8" Audio In
Audio Outputs 1/4" Stereo
Connectivity USB, MIDI
Storage Type SD Card

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