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Behringer Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with 3340 Oscillator in Black Finish

The 1980s a new wave of synth performers, all empowered by the sound of a simple strap-on instrument that let keyboardists steal the spotlight away from their guitar-wielding bandmates. An ultra-affordable homage to that iconic synthesizer with all the features of the original and then some, such as a 32-step sequencer, arpeggiator and live performance kit, Behringer MS-1 lets you conjure up virtually any sound with incredible finesse and ease. With its 32 semi-weighted full-size keys, pure analog signal path, authentic 3340 VCO with 4 simultaneously-mixable waveforms, plus extremely flexible VCF and VCA filters, MS-1 is sure to become your favorite keyboard. Owning MS-1 is like having your own personal time machine, enabling you to embrace the past or make your imprint on the future.

  • Authentic 3340 analog oscillator
  • 32 semi-weighted full-size keys for great playability
  • Pure analog signal path based on legendary VCO, VCF and VCA designs to recreate the classic sound
  • Oscillator with 4 simultaneously-mixable waveforms: saw, triangle, square/PWM and octave-divided square sub-oscillator
  • Resonant VCF can be modulated with ADSR, LFO, keyboard tracking and bender controller
  • 6 FM sources allow for creative VCF modulation and unheard-of filter effects
  • Easy-to-use 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations

True to the original
Great care has been taken in engineering MS-1, including the true-to-the-original analog circuitry and the legendary VCO, VCF and VCA designs, all of which combine to make it easy to recreate the classic sound performance. This highly-focused attention to detail is what gives MS-1 its ultra-flexible sound shaping capability, which covers everything from super-fat bass and lead tones to stunning effects and all the way out to the otherworldly sounds of your imagination.

Big, fat tones
The inspired synthesizer tracks laid down in the 1980s and 90s are etched in the annals of progressive rock, wave, EDM and synth-pop music forever, making them truly classic in every sense of the word. MS-1 lets you recreate all of that magic or design incredibly fat and original sounds that will make you a legend in your own right.

Versatile oscillator
MS-1's authentic 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) provides an incredible range of 4 simultaneously-mixable waveforms for sculpting the perfect sound; options include saw, triangle, square/pwm and octave-divided square sub-oscillator. Additionally, the VCO can be adjusted across a wide 4-octave range (16', 8', 4' and 2'). This amazing flexibility gives you the tools needed to be your creative best.

Versatile VCF
The very heart of MS-1's sound is its highly-flexible voltage-controlled filter (VCF), which includes faders for cutoff frequency (10Hz to 20kHz), resonance (0 to self-oscillation), envelope and modulation depth, and keyboard follow (0 to 100%) to dial in the perfect sound. MS-1's VCF can be modulated via ADSR, keyboard tracking and bender controller. The frequency modulation (FM) amount knob sets the depth, while the FM source selector lets you further modify the signal by choosing from pulse, sawtooth, sub oscillator 1 octave down, 2 octaves down, narrow 2 octaves down and noise.

The envelope, please...
MS-1's Envelope generator features 4 ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) faders that help you craft incredible sounds and utilizes a 3-position switch for gate, gate+trigger and LFO. When applied to the voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA), the ADSR envelope is used to control the level of the note being played over time. When applied to the VCF, the ADSR envelope is used to control the cutoff frequency of the filter for each note played over time. In addition, the ADSR envelope can also be used to affect VCO pulse width modulation.

Onboard sequencer and arpeggiator
MS-1's sequencer allows you to program up to 32 steps of notes and rests and save them as a pattern. You can record, save and recall up to 64 patterns, all of which can be stored in the 8 banks, each holding up to 8 patterns. Your sequences can be played either in keyboard mode, where you create and store the pattern, or step mode, which allows you to interact while composing a pattern. The onboard arpeggiator features 8 patterns you can use just by playing a chord, which the arpeggiator then sequences through your selected pattern. Both the sequencer and arpeggiator in MS-1 are fun, mesmerizing and totally addictive.

Own the stage
When you're ready to strut your stuff and get a little center stage time, MS-1 has that covered, too: just attach the included guitar strap and handgrip (with pitch bend wheel and a pitch modulation trigger) and take your performance to the next level. Why should singers and guitar players get all the limelight? Carve out a little of your own!

Maximum modulation
In addition to the great sound-sculpting features already mentioned, MS-1 has still more to offer. The noise generator can also be used as modulation source to create distortion-like effects, which will send your solo soaring into the stratosphere. Glide (portamento) lets you sweep seamlessly over time from one note to the next, creating smooth-as-silk transitions that few other instruments can emulate. MS-1's bender is also assignable to the VCO, VCF and pitch mod wheel on the attachable handgrip. You can even modulate the pulse wave via the LFO, envelope or manually for sounds ranging from mild to wild.

More Information
Manufacturer Behringer
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power supply
Mod grip
Strap attachment hardware
Analog/Digital Analog
Number of Keys 32
Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
Key Action Semi-Weighted
Oscillators per Voice 1
Arpeggiator Yes
MIDI In, Out, Thru, USB
USB Port (to Host) MIDI
Audio Inputs 1/4" external audio input
Audio Outputs 1/4" main mono output
1/4" headphone output
Control Connections 1/4" hold input
1/8" VCF CV input
1/8" EXT CLK input
1/8" pitch CV input
1/8" gate input
1/8" pitch CV output
1/8" gate output
1/8" velocity output
Width 22.4"
Depth 10.5"
Height 3.4"
Product Weight 10.1 lb

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