Boss TB-2W Tone Bender Waza Craft Fuzz Pedal


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Boss Limited Edition Waza Craft Series Fuzz Guitar Effects Stompbox Based on Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II

Boss and Sola Sound have come together to introduce Boss TB-2W Tone Bender, an authentic sonic recreation of the iconic Tone Bender MK II fuzz pedal used by some of the greatest guitarists of all time. Heard on legions of classic tracks from the 1960s through today, Tone Bender's bold, rich voice and smooth sustain are forever embedded in the annals of rock and pop music history.

Using a 'masterpiece' vintage Tone Bender MK II (serial number 500) from Sola Sound's archive as a benchmark reference, Boss engineers have fully realized the pedal's magical sound and expressive dynamic response through detailed Waza craftsmanship. Available in a limited production run, each TB-2W features rare germanium transistors carefully tested for optimum tone, a three-way voltage selector, selectable true/buffered bypass operation and a refined circuit design for ultra-consistent performance from pedal to pedal. Limit one per customer.

  • Authentic sonic recreation of the legendary Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II fuzz from the 1960s
  • Select germanium transistors carefully tested for superior performance
  • Three-way voltage selector for shaping the overall tone and response
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass operation
  • Chicken-head knobs
  • Hammertone finish
  • Typeface reminiscent of the original
  • Limited production of approximately 3,000 units due to component availability
perspective view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender alongside Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II showing tops and left sides

The TB-2W Tone Bender story
Among all the iconic fuzz pedals in music history, Sola Sound Tone Bender is one of the most revered and unique. Embraced by many of the world's greatest guitarists, the sound of this pedal is woven into the fabric of some of the most influential music created over the last five-plus decades. Under the Sola Sound brand, Macari's Musical Instruments in London produced numerous variations starting in the mid-1960s, and many consider the MK II version to be the ultimate Tone Bender voice. When Boss and Sola Sound first discussed collaborating on a Tone Bender MK II pedal in 2017, they realized there would be many technical challenges in achieving their goal. Foremost among them was sourcing the rare and vitally important germanium transistors at the heart of the circuit.

top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender and Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II on wooden floor

Other problems included power supply considerations and resistance to environmental changes, which would be key to realizing both authentic Tone Bender sound and Boss's strict performance standards. Working through one challenge after another, engineers were able to overcome them all with no compromise through dogged determination and careful attention to the finest details. While Boss and Sola Sound have totally different histories, both companies have always strived to achieve the very best in tone. TB-2W embodies their shared passions, bringing you Sola Sound's famous rock voice coupled with Boss's committed craftsmanship and legendary spirit of innovation.

top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender and Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II on wooden floor
3/4 view of Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II serial number 500 showing top, left side and back

Capturing the soul of Tone Bender
To develop TB-2W, Sola Sound loaned Boss their prized serial number 500 Tone Bender MK II, which they feel represents the ideal Tone Bender experience. Over a number of months, Boss engineers carefully evaluated the pedal's overall circuit at every level. A prime focus was analyzing the unique properties of its germanium transistors, which are key to the pedal's smooth, musical tone and extreme sensitivity to playing dynamics and guitar volume.

Boss TB-2W Tone Bender sitting next to electric guitar on wooden floor

Germanium transistors are very difficult to find today, so Boss had to search around the world for a quality supply. But that was just a start: each one then had to be rigorously tested for the proper electrical performance and sound quality. In the end, Boss was able to build enough stock to create a limited production run of pedals that deliver the full Tone Bender mojo in all its glory.

Boss TB-2W Tone Bender sitting next to electric guitar on wooden floor
detail top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender showing controls

Adjustable voltage for a range of tones
The original Tone Bender was designed to run on a 9-volt zinc-carbon battery, the standard of the era, and its circuit is quite sensitive to voltage changes, with shifts in gain, response and sound character as the battery gradually wears down. In the Waza Craft tradition of extending classic analog designs with modern innovations, TB-2W features an adjustable voltage circuit that lets you replicate these changes and more at the flick of a switch.

detail top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender showing 3-way BATTERY mode selector switch

Using the three-way BATTERY selector switch, you can instantly change the response of the pedal, whether powering it from a modern alkaline battery or an external power supply. The 9V setting provides the sound of a brand-new battery and the benchmark Tone Bender response. Choosing the 7V setting has the effect of a slightly depleted battery, producing a unique gain character and feel that's favored by some Tone Bender fans. The 12V setting takes things in the other direction, offering expanded dynamic range that's not possible with the original pedal.

detail top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender showing 3-way BATTERY mode selector switch
detail rear view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender showing output mode switch

Selectable output modes
Another convenient addition is TB-2W's two output modes, which can be easily selected with a switch at the top of the pedal. THRU mode is best for a vintage pedal experience, providing true bypass operation when the pedal is off and original Tone Bender output impedance when the pedal is on. BUF mode engages the same high-quality output buffer circuit found in all Boss Waza Craft pedals, optimizing the signal for downstream connections whether TB-2W is on or off.

top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender on wooden floor

In any case, you'll usually realize the best performance when TB-2W is the first pedal in the signal chain with no buffered signal in between. This allows the pedal to fully interact with your guitar's pickups for the magical interactive response that fuzz players love.

top view of Boss TB-2W Tone Bender on wooden floor
More Information
Manufacturer Boss
Condition New
Effects Fuzz based on Sola Sound Tone Bender MK II
Audio Inputs 1/4" mono input
Audio Outputs 1/4" mono output
Pedal Switches On/off stomp switch
Power Adaptor Boss PSA series (sold separately)
Width 2.875"
Depth 5.125"
Height 2.375"
Product Weight 1 lb
Unique Features Select germanium transistors carefully tested for superior performance
Three-way voltage selector for shaping the overall tone and response
Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass operation

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