When the Beauty of Hardware Meets the Advantages of Software

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Elektron Overbridge is an innovative suite of software designed to work with Elektron's 'analog series' of instruments—Analog Four, Analog Keys and Analog Rytm—and best of all, it's totally free for users of those products with no additional purchase required.

The history of modern electronic instruments includes other attempts at integrating hardware products into a computer-based DAW setup, but none as comprehensive as Overbridge. The key functions of Overbridge are:

  • Multitrack recording over USB: Using only a single USB cable you can now record high-resolution multitrack audio directly into your DAW, with both tempo and transport controlled via your already familiar DAW controls.
  • Sequencing and automation from your DAW: Since Overbridge connects your Elektron analog instruments to your DAW via a plug-in, you can send notes and/or automation to your Elektron hardware using the same DAW-based controls and interfaces you use for software plug-ins: add notes on the piano roll, draw automation envelopes for various parameters, etc.
  • Edit kits and sounds using a rich plug-in GUI: Use a gorgeous GUI that displays a wealth of parameters to edit sounds and kits on your Elektron analog instrument.
  • Analog plug-in sound processing: Send any DAW sounds from other sources—other instruments you're recording, loops/samples, sounds from software instruments, etc.—out to your Elektron devices to process them and warm them up using analog filters and overdrive circuits.

And that's not all! Overbridge will also perform total recall of the machine state upon loading the plug-in, will handle sample management functions for Analog Rytm, will perform librarian functions for your kits and sounds and will even offer pattern and song editing.

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