Sonically Flexible

Fender Bassbreaker all-tube electric guitar amplifiers blend the DNA of classic Fender cleans with aggressive tones for a new breed of sound. Each amp in the Bassbreaker series includes unique circuitry tailored to its size and power, while power tubes and speakers have a British flavor for attitude and bite. Bassbreaker amps deliver pure tube sound with updated design elements, bridging the gap between the iconic tweed-era Bassman and modern Fender.

Explore the grit and growl with the Bassbreaker 007 7 watt, 1x10" combo; the Bassbreaker 18/30 18 or 30 watt, 2x12" combo; and the Bassbreaker 45 45 watt, 2x12" combo.

Looking for a bundle? Please contact us for a great deal on a custom Fender Bassbreaker amp package. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors are happy to assist with finding the solution that's right for you!

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