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Fender Hot Rod IV series amplifiers deliver legendary Fender tone while standing up to the rigors of the road. Updated with key features and tonal upgrades, Hot Rod IV tube amps include practical circuit modifications, Celestion or Jensen speakers, smoother-sounding spring reverb (if equipped), and attractive, classic aesthetics. Hot Rod combos are the ideal choice for guitarists who need to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice with power and performance to spare.

The 15-watt Pro Junior IV sports a lacquered tweed covering, a 10" Jensen speaker, and a modified volume circuit that allows for more gradual breakup. In addition to a preamp circuit modified for increased fullness, the Blues Junior IV offers 15 watts, a 12" Celestion speaker, spring reverb, and a footswitchable "Fat" mid boost. Standards for gigging guitarists everywhere, the 40-watt, 1x12" Hot Rod Deluxe IV and 60-watt, 2x12" Hot Rod DeVille 212 IV feature three footswitchable channels, Celestion speakers, spring reverb, lightweight pine cabinets, and preamp mods that provide smoother overdrive and increased note definition.

Other amps in the Hot Rod series include the 40-watt GB Hot Rod Deluxe combo, fine-tuned for jazz and pop legend George Benson with a 12" Jensen C12K speaker, three channels (Clean, Drive, and More Drive), and signature gray-black vinyl covering with silver-strand grille cloth.

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