Versatile, Customizable, and Easy to Transport

PreSonus AIR series active loudspeakers offer a "best of both worlds" power amp configuration, with 500W (continuous) Class D power to the low-frequency driver for clean, efficient low end and 200W Class A/B to the high-frequency driver for a natural sounding, "airy" high end (subwoofers use Class D only). Other features include compact and lightweight cabinet design, flexible inputs with onboard mixing, easy-to-use DSP performance presets, and versatile mounting options.

There are three full-range AIR models: the 2-way, 1 x 10" AIR10; the 2-way, 1 x 12" AIR12; and the 2-way, 1 x 15" AIR15. Two active subwoofers are also available: the 1 x 15" AIR15s and the 1 x 18" AIR18s.

Looking for a bundle? Please contact us for a great deal on a custom PreSonus AIR series speaker package. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors are happy to assist with finding the solution that's right for you!