V-Drums Quality for Practice, Learning, and Fun

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Roland's TD-1K V-Drums kit offers 15 expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, plus fun onboard training and recording functions for building your skills and checking your progress.

There's more to this compact kit than meets the eye - it supports essential acoustic drum techniques like cymbal choke, advanced hi-hat playing, and more. Its beater-less kick pedal allows for quiet performance, making it ideal for playing without disturbing others. You can practice along with onboard songs or your own tracks played from a smartphone or music player connected to the Mix In jack.

Get more value when you purchase your new Roland TD-1K from Kraft Music in one of our exclusive bundles. These convenient packages include all the extra accessories you need to fully enjoy this drum set. Whether all you need is a drum throne to sit on and a pair of headphones for private practice, or want to complete your set with a drum monitor speaker system, we have a money-saving package deal for you!

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