A Truly Unique Identity

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Crafting limited edition guitars allows Taylor to offer instruments with unique aesthetic appeal. The inspiration can come from anywhere – a rare batch of striking tonewoods, a new guitar design, or other fresh seasonal specials. With each offering of limiteds Taylor enjoys the freedom to design a model from scratch in a way that integrates the woods and appointments into a cohesive whole for a truly unique identity. Always a showcase of Taylor's latest inspiration, limited editions give Taylor enthusiasts a chance to own a distinctive model that only a select group will share.

Ordering your Taylor guitar from Kraft Music ensures the best possible online instrument purchase experience. Many in-stock Taylor guitars are carefully photographed in our studio to capture every aesthetic subtlety, guaranteeing that the guitar you see is the guitar you get. If you have a question about your Taylor, you'll have access to free product support from your very own Kraft Music Sales Advisor, a trained expert with the answers you need. We know this guitar is an investment, and we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Rich Casciato from Taylor Guitars talks about Taylor body shapes, tonewoods, and electronics at Kraft Music

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