Classical Guitar Craftsmanship from Yamaha

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Drawing upon the vast knowledge and techniques of their master craftsmen, Yamaha's CG series nylon string guitars where developed to deliver top-level sound quality, performance and playability. The Yamaha CG142CH has a solid Cedar top, featuring lower string action for increased playability. The CG142SH has a Spruce top, also with lower string action. Both models are gloss finish versions of Yamaha's CG122MSH/MCH nylon string classical guitars.

These guitars do not ship from Yamaha with any accessories, but Kraft Music's exclusive classical guitar bundles have you covered! For example, the GUITAR ESSENTIALS BUNDLE includes a soft gig bag, guitar stand, an extra set of strings, and more. If you want to protect your investment, our COMPLETE GUITAR BUNDLE includes a hardshell guitar case, plus electronic guitar tuner, footrest, guitar polish and well as all the other essentials!

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