Connecting a subwoofer to your digital piano or keyboard

Connecting a subwoofer to your digital piano or keyboard

Thank your for your recent order from Kraft Music. Connecting a subwoofer to your digital piano is a great way to enhance the sound of the instrument’s on-board speakers. Adding a sub will give you a richer, fuller tone and result in a more realistic playing experience. Let’s get started and connect your sub!

  1. Power off your digital piano and subwoofer.
  2. Locate the audio outputs on the rear or underside of your digital piano. These are often labeled “line out” or “output”. If the outputs are labeled “L/Mono + R Output” use “L/Mono” . Use the output labeled “Phones/Output” if no other outputs are available. You’ll see either a pair of connectors or a single connector. These will be either a ¼” jack (like a guitar cable), RCA jack (like a CD player), or 1/8” output (like your smartphone or MP3 player).
  3. Using the audio cable included in your Kraft Music bundle (not the stereo RCA cable included with in the subwoofer box), plug the RCA end into the Left subwoofer input (RCA) and the other end into the audio output of your digital piano.
  4. Power on both the digital piano and the subwoofer. Set the volume control on the subwoofer to about 50% or half (12 O’clock position on the Kinyo AW630).
  5. Slowly increase the volume of the digital piano while playing a low note. The subwoofer should begin producing low frequencies along with your playing. If only the subwoofer is making sound, the digital piano may have an internal on/off setting that can be adjusted. Please refer to your digital piano owner’s manual to set the internal speaker to “always on”.
  6. Adjust the volume and crossover (frequency) setting until you like the sound. We recommend setting the crossover between 100 and 150 Hz and the volume between ½ and 3/4. This will result in a full and focused bass sound. A good setting is achieved when the subwoofer is neither too loud nor too soft.

Enjoy your new subwoofer and digital piano. Please feel free to contact Kraft Music with any questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your business!

Rear View of Kinyo AW 630