COVID-19: A Note from Kraft Music

Franklin, WI, March 27, 2020

Here at Kraft Music, we’re a close-knit group. Our employees and their families are at the top of our minds as my family reacts to the stunning turn of events over the past few weeks. In 35 years of business, we have rarely had to make decisions about closing, or improvise to a rapidly changing environment as we have in the past several days.

We are doing everything we can to remain available to you at this time:

• Our Sales Advisors are currently available via chat, email and phone. And they look forward to speaking to you! If you hear a dog bark in the background, well, that’s because (like many of you) they're holed up in their home offices, bedrooms or basements and working from home. Our marketing and purchasing staff are doing the same.

• We are shipping your orders. Following our Wisconsin governor's emergency order, we are maintaining a skeleton crew who are doing an amazing job in actively processing, packing, and shipping your orders while practicing social distancing and keeping our space clean and safe.

These are unprecedented times, and music will be a key ingredient in getting us all through it. Stay well, and we’ll do everything we can to serve you.

Thank you,
Ben Kraft, President

Kraft Music Ltd