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Dreadbox Komorebi Analog Chorus/Flanger Effects Pedal

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Dreadbox BBD-Based Chorus/Flanger Effects Processor for Guitar, Keyboard or Modular Synthesizer

Dreadbox Komorebi is a fully analog chorus/flanger effects pedal that uses bucket brigade delay (BBD) chips to achieve its authentically vintage sound.

The controls let you precisely dial in your chorus and flanger sounds, with a STATIC knob to set initial delay time between 2ms and 35ms, a FEEDBACK knob to set the amount of delay feedback and an AMOUNT knob to set LFO depth.

Komorebi has three LFO/modulation waveforms – sawtooth, reverse sawtooth (ramp) and triangle – as well as an LFO RATE knob to dial in LFO speeds from 15 seconds to 110Hz.

There are also three 1/8" eurorack-friendly patch points, with two CV inputs to let you affect the STATIC and RATE values via control voltages and an output share Korembi's LFO wave with other CV-capable gear.

Please note that the old version of the pedal (15VDC) is not available any more, but the new version is drastically improved. Listed below are the improvements made to the current version of Komorebi.

  • A dedicated adapter is no longer needed. You can use any power supply that is made for effect pedals ( 9vDc 2,1mm centre negative)
  • Kept the same headroom by adding high quality voltage converters by Texas Instruments
  • Floor noise and signal to noise ratio is greatly reduced
  • LFO Saw pop noise is minimized
  • Removed the DIP switch on the back, as it was confusing
  • Allowed higher delay times (it was 2ms to 30ms now it is 2ms to 35-40ms)
  • Added a soft switch for easier on/off action
  • On the downsides, the true by pass was removed, but a CMOS technology is handling that. CMOS switches are completely colorless and transparent buffers, but they need power to work.
More Information
Manufacturer Dreadbox
Condition New
Effects Chorus
Static comb filter
Audio Inputs 1/4" mono input
Audio Outputs 1/4" mono output
Control Connections 1/8" STATIC (delay time) CV input
1/8" RATE (LFO speed) CV input
1/8" LFO CV output
Power Adaptor 9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.5mm (NOT INCLUDED)
Width 3.94"
Depth 5.51"
Height 1.97"
Product Weight 1.16 lb
Unique Features Works with guitar/line-level signals and modular-level signals (up to 10V peak to peak)

Dreadbox Limited Warranty

Dreadbox products come with a one (1) year limited warranty.

A proof of purchase is necessary when the warranty claim is made. Malfunctions resulting from improper power supply voltages, backward or faulty cable connection, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by Dreadbox to be the fault of the user, are not covered by warranty (normal service rates will be applied). All defective products will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Dreadbox. Products must be returned directly to Dreadbox with the customer paying the shipping costs. Dreadbox implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to a person or apparatus through the operation of this product.


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