Elektron Digitone Keys 8-Voice Digital Synthesizer


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Elektron 37-Key FM Synthesizer Keyboard with Onboard Sequencer and Effects

Elektron Digitone Keys is an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard. The 37-note velocity- and pressure-sensitive keyboard gives you a high level of expression and control over Digitone's intuitive sound engine. Multimap lets you configure and assign individual sounds per region, triggering sounds or patterns with the tap of a key, while the ability to use portamento and arpeggio flourishes with the freedom of three octaves.

  • 8-voice polyphonic, 4-part multitimbral
  • Multiple FM algorithms and multiple operator harmonics
  • Multimode filter, base-width filter and overdrive per voice
  • Polyphonic Elektron sequencer with 4 synth tracks and 4 MIDI tracks
  • Chorus, delay and reverb send effects
  • 37-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch
  • Assignable pitch and modulation wheels
  • 8 user-assignable rotary encoders
  • 8 individual 1/4" track outputs in addition to main stereo output
  • Overbridge enabled
  • 3-year Elektron warranty

With its powerful and easy-to-use FM engine you have Digitone dynamism in keyboard form. Get maximum control out of the machine with eight assignable knobs. Choose the function you want for each knob and then let loose!

Digitone Keys helps liberate your live performances with a flexible pitch and mod wheel setup, allowing you to warp your sound with multiple modulations.

With separate outputs for each track, connecting to external effects mixers and pedals, audio interfaces, and modulation sources is easier than ever before. Pinpoint single Digitone Keys tracks to process independently from the rest of your sound.

More Information
MPN 113008
Manufacturer Elektron
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power supply
USB cable
Analog/Digital Digital
Number of Keys 37
Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
Key Action Semi-weighted with velocity and aftertouch
Aftertouch Yes
Programs/Presets Storage for 2,048 patches
128 projects of 8 banks and 16 patterns per project
Voices of Polyphony 8
Multitimbral 4 parts
Effects Panoramic chorus send effect
Saturator delay send effect
Supervoid reverb send effect
Overdrive master effect
Sequencer 4 polyphonic synth tracks with arpeggiator for each
4 polyphonic MIDI tracks
Individual track lengths
Individual track lengths
Per-step automation aka parameter locks
Per-step sound change aka sound locks
Micro timing
Arpeggiator Yes
MIDI In, Out, Thru, USB
USB Port (to Host) MIDI, Audio, System Updates, File Transfer, Editor/Librarian/Patch Manager
Audio Inputs Dual 1/4" stereo external audio input
Audio Outputs Dual 1/4" stereo main output
(8) 1/4" individual track outputs
Control Connections (2) 1/4" CV/expression/sustain inputs
Onboard Controllers Assignable pitch bend wheel
Assignable modulation wheel
Width 34.17"
Depth 7.28"
Height 3.54"
Product Weight 13.2 lb
Unique Features Overbridge enabled

Elektron 3-Year Warranty

Elektron machines bought 2010-07-05 and later come with a three (3) year limited warranty, starting from the date of the original purchase. Being able to prove the date of the original purchase with an invoice or a receipt is necessary if you require warranty service.

If the machine should need a repair during the warranty period no charges will be applied for parts or labor. This warranty is transferable to other owners should the Elektron machine be resold during the warranty period. Items belonging to the Elektron Style range of products (t-shirts, stickers, posters etc.) are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty does not cover (a) damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions according to the Owner’s Manual for this product; any shipment of the product (claims must be presented to the carrier); repair or attempted repair by anyone other than Elektron or a certified Elektron repair center (b) any unit which has been altered or on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed; (c) normal wear and any periodic maintenance; (d) deterioration due to perspiration, corrosive atmosphere or other external causes such as extremes in temperature or humidity; (e) damages attributable to power line surge or related electrical abnormalities, lightning damage or acts of God; or (f) RFI/EMI (interference/noise) caused by improper grounding or the improper use of either certified or uncertified equipment, if applicable.

For machines bought from an Elektron dealer, please contact their support if you need warranty service. You will then be guided how to proceed with your errand.

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